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Success is not a measurement by numbers or revenues

Success is measured by your willingness to genuinely listen and genuinely respond.

Success is measured by the integrity of your actions and the dignity of your words.

Success cannot be measured by the denominations in your wallet or the numbers in the spaces preceding the decimal point of your bank account.

Success can be vicarious if you've afforded, sacrificed and exerted the efforts in order that it does not affect the success of the one you are living it through.

Success is always humble and always willing to admit error.

Success is always kind and if it is usurious, it is no better than trivial and ultimately subject and vulnerable to amendment and reprimand.

Success is recognizing when your ideals and visions hold little or no weight for the position you hold and rather than becoming discouraged by that, applying your ideals and vision to another line of effort and work with eagerness and positivity.

Success is never had at the expense of others, no matter how much clamor our illegitimate politicians may raise in favor of it.

Success is realized in the heart and professed by the mind.

Success is Love and Peace...always.

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