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Exciting Opportunity for my Blog - BlogCon

Occasionally I like to post links to my blog Standard Excellence, on here.

Well I happen to have a big announcement this week. I will be attending:

FreedomWorks BlogCon Dallas

As an Oklahoman originally from North Texas, I feel connected to both states. I keep up with news in both areas, and focus my website on them both. It's my eventual goal to become a valuable news source for Ron Paul / Liberty activists in both states, and this weekend I am getting a huge boost toward that end!

FreedomWorks is putting on a 3-day conference for bloggers packed with well-known writers and show hosts - including a trip to Glenn Beck's new Blaze Studio for a live taping of his show.

People have their different opinions of FreedomWorks, but I think we all know how successful the organization is. They're very good at what they do, growing stronger all the time.

I'm very excited about this and will be Tweeting/Blogging/Facebooking about the whole thing. I'd like to invite you all to see!

Here's links to my website, Facebook page, and Twitter account, where I'll be reporting the happenings.

The site's motto is, "Bringing you Oklahoma, Texas, and national news and opinion that matters for liberty." I'd like to make my living in the new media, providing press for the liberty movement. Right now is still the beginning stage of becoming that, and with your support it will be one step closer to being realized.

Live in Oklahoma or Texas or have some friends who do and might be interested? Please share it with them!

(My main focus right now is growing the Facebook audience, so all new likes are greatly appreciated! ;))

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Best wishes!

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