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The US Regulatory Vice Closes On Bitcoin

I thought this might be valuable information for DailyPaul readers/members.

Just six weeks after the US Treasury decided enough-was-enough with this upstart non-fiat, non-controlled-by-TPTB currency (and applied money-laundering reglations), US financial regulators are now looking for supervisory control over Bitcoin. As The FT reports, CFTC's Bart Chilton notes "it's not monopoly money - real people have real risk in these instruments," and that regulating the controversial cyber-currency "is sure something [CFTC] needs to explore." Chilton's remit to regulate this "shadow currency" is predicated on it becoming a basis for derivative contracts as opposed to purely transactional (akin to the monitoring of physical oil transactions that can influence crude futures.)

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Yes but the question is...

How will they regulate it. Lots of luck

The Red Coats are coming!

Regulatory "vice" - I like the phrase

even if it may not be what you intended. :)