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Ca High Speed Rail Collapsing Under Strain Of Corruption

Ca High Speed Rail Collapsing Under Strain Of Corruption

by BEN SHAPIRO 1 May 2013

California Gov. Jerry Brown’s magical bullet train may not come to fruition after all. According to reports on Tuesday, Brown’s $100 billion vanity project may meet its demise at the hands of the federal government. So far, the California High-Speed Rail Authority has drawn no interest from private funders, who cannot be assured of profit from the enterprise.

Problems bedevil the white elephant project. The High-Speed Rail Authority needs to buy land in order to build the railroad, but it has received no contractual authority to build from the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway Company, which owns a freight line that occupies the space for the new bullet train. Federal grants are contingent on the project having contracts that guarantee the possibility of building. At the same time, the feds are trying to assert authority over the project via the Surface Transportation Board.

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I am very pleased to see

I am very pleased to see California collapse under Democrat rule. That's why I was rooting for Jerry Brown.



"I think I can. I think I can..." - The Little Engine...

The Little Engine... If only banks could conger us up enough "Legal Tender" for the tender box... This Engine That Could would pull this Christmas train over the mountain & deliver all the Christmas presents to all the good little guys & gals... in their golden years ~ Year 2030. Rosy Phase I completion date ~ Los Angeles to San Francisco (LA ~ SF). See Executive Summary, page 14.

California High-Speed Rail Program Revised 2012 Business Plan [Executive Summary] APRIL 2012: http://www.cahighspeedrail.ca.gov/assets/0/152/431/72e92f77-...

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