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Adam Kokesh has a monopoly on atheism too!

Adam sent out this tweet this afternoon....


Let's see; he wants to threaten a "legitimate"/existing government that he is willing to submit to if the "put him down" at his rally, at the same time he's criticizing one of the world's most renown atheists for "using" the state for his benefit???

Seems to me BOTH these clowns use fiat currency, authorized by a government that legislated legal tender laws, to FUND their existence and expand their notoriety!

Wow...intelligent, not confusing or hypocritical in the least....definitively not INSANE! Man is the ultimate authority on Earth...sometimes, I guess...isn't it the goal of communists to say the state is god? Aren't all communists atheists?

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Greetings to you PUG.

Although I consider myself a left-wing Chomsky libertarian{{which some people would say that is not a libertarian at all}. I find it fascinating how we both seem to come down on the same side on a lot of issues.

I do consider myself a Christian but I do not consider myself a very good example. But I do feel like the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, the Magna Carta and many more of these man-made treaties can only work out through a moral perspective.

I consider them all would be abject pieces of failure without first acknowledging that these documents could only work when being applied by the first and foremost rule of all and that would be " the Golden rule". Do unto others.

I like Adam, and I know that he is an active poster on this site. But at the same time I will agree that I think he is a very immature. When you use violence to force change. And I do consider an armed March violence you are saying that you are foregoing democracy and rule of law to force change . That would make you no better than the tyrants you are opposing. You are just trading one form of tyranny for another.

I would be willing to bet $1 million that there would be absolutely no citizen that lived in DC who would actually participate in this march. So why should Adam have use his force change a community that does not want weapons in their town?

As tweeted, Adam is correct

True atheists reject religion whatsoever. As religions go, statism is the most dangerous. Rejection of religion isn't just choosing another religion. It's rejection of irrational cognition. IE faith.

Most Christians are friendly to liberty, so I'm friendly to most Christians. This is due primarily to something which is true that they hold as a matter of faith, original sin. Man has evil in him. I hold this as a matter of evidence and logic, and come to the same conclusions about man's ability to govern others or be trusted with power over them.

Not all Christians conclude that. Some believe, man being evil, must be ruled over by the 'righteous'. This is an old theological debate. European Christianity spawned the crusades and the inquisition, etc.

American Christianity spawned, well, America itself and the experiment in limited government and government by consent. In the US Christians have largely fallen on the side of never trusting man, only god. American Christianity is thus a superior sort from an ethical perspective.

The question can be put another way. Can a man be forced or tricked into salvation? Except for the wasp/pietist/progressives in the US the answer has been mostly "no". It was the unholy alliance between the statists and pietists that subverted this in the progressive era. Progressives did not believe man must choose to be saved. They sought the bludgeon of government power to do this. They succumbed to the temptation of power over men.

WTF is the point of this thread?

The OP isn't even coherent.

WTF does Adam Kokesh's march have to do with atheism, and how does he supposedly have "a monopoly on atheism"?

Check out the Laissez-Faire Journal at LFJournal.com

"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard

Quick! Start blubering about

Quick! Start blubering about how christians are persecuted, and use this ridiculous thread as proof!

You: "Freedom is impossible without THE MIGHTY OVERLORD OF THE GALAXY! Submit or go to hell where you belong!"

Everyone else: *negative reaction*

You: "Christians are persucuted today for our beliefs! Look at all the hate pointed at us!"

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And it's so funny to think of millions of atheists persecuted

And it's so funny to think that, most likely, millions of atheists were persecuted along with christians, jews, muslims, or any other faith, by the atheists "more equal than others" because working for the state:


Absolutely HILARIOUS.

Isn't it?


Yeah, right.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

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Yes! He's such a funny character

Yes! He's such a funny character and so very well placed to mock the bible, too:


Isn't he? Isn't he so very well-known, worldwide famous - especially in the middle east! - for his fair play with people and ideas? Let alone... texts.

It's not like he has ANY agenda, anyway, right?

OMG! That's so darn funny!

Plus, it's so very important to jump on the bandwagon of bible bashing, now. So very urgent to have fun with it.

That awful bible is sooooo dangerous, indeed... it, alone, has killed so much lately:


... or DID IT? Oops! Wrong link. Those were ALL rejecting it, finding themselves ABOVE it. Sorry about that.

FACTS are so stubborn! I know!

Ah well, bible bashing... have fun with it, then.

Meanwhile, if you don't mind, I'll continue to kindly ask people to pay attention to what really matters:



"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

This is a brief moment in a

This is a brief moment in a very dark bloody history where athiests "can" make fun of you religeous types without fear of being burned at the stake, or having thumbscrews clamped on us. Forgive me if I don't have a lot of sympathy for the butt-hurt people who are for the first time in the history of mankind feeling a bit of push-back against religeon (including statism) in general. We live in a day and age where we don't get killed for expressing our opinions quite yet. It won't last long unless the liberty movement prevails. So for this tiny tick of time, you have to take it. But don't worry, if history repeats again, you "faithful" can get back to torturing and burning those of us who don't bow before your god myth.

Religeon is the sickest joke ever played on what could have.. SHOULD have been a rational species. It has all but destroyed individualism, and ushered in thousands of years of brutal collectivism. It has hard wired our species to default to collectivism as their primary and default method of social organization. It is a virus. An opiate which allows people to be irrational and stupid by providing them easy answers rather than making them seek their own.

Thats my opinion, and I absolutly love that I can express it without being tortured/burned at "this" tiny moment in human history. So, cry all you want, tell me I persecute you, even though I would never hurt a hair on anyone's head for their religeous views (or any other views.) But Christians, and every other religeon including statism INVENTED persecution. Your respective religeons wrote the book on it. Only collectivists persecute, and while they persecute each other brutally, there are no other groups of people whom they ALL savor torturing and persecuting more than the individualist. That anyone who belongs to one of these bloodthirsty collectivist monsterosities has no right at all to whine about invidiualists finally getting to speak out against thousands of years of oppression from the many various gangs of collectivist BS.


So true! hahahahahahahaha

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
-Thomas Paine

It's true.

Reactionaries are bringing this site down.

Simple Facts and Plain Arguments
A common sense take on politics and current events.


how is it these intelligent "revolutionaries" don't understand..

...the difference between a belief in a Supreme Being, our freedom of religion, our Declaration of Independence that recognizes a Creator, our Constitution ratified in "the year of our LORD", and man-made systems of religion???

The laziness, the intellectual dishonesty, the tacit downvoting of everything I post because it's me; I'm dying to read a Declaration of Independence in HUMANIST language, and read a Bill of Rights and framework for laws that would govern any society unto prosperity rivaling THIS county; where NO lawgiver is ever considered outside of the whims of
self-centered men, and NO other entity whom can grant rights to life, liberty, property ABOVE a temporary and finite Caesar for any given season!

You people slay me...to THINK...a revolution to bring about justice upon the heads.of criminals and open murderous thieves and tyrants, can be achieved, and a "new dawn" arise on a free people who WILL NOT retain the Creator in their minds, is beyond absurd, and total lunacy!

Do any of you think that Godless Libertarians and Christian-mocking atheists can LEAD a revolution where, any person with common sense knows, MORALITY is the problem?

Isn't it funny how atheists attack the Bible and fundamentalist Christians and creation MORE than any other belief system the world over....and....if they had any REAL authentic courage regarding their dogmatic convictions about how stupid and asinine my belief in a flying spaghetti monster of a creator is, they would openly dismiss and mock the catalyst of this entire movement, Ron Paul, as either a fool himself, or, a tool of religious zealots and puppet masters!!!

Seems to me they'd all rather split hairs about my "delivery", my "presentation", my abrasive and terse language, than compare my belief in God to that of Ron Paul...Our BELIEF-SYSTEM is the same, and, there is NO neutral position with respect to the fact that there is a Creator or their isn't!

What's really annoying(more than my death grip on the PROOF that our founders and framers had extensive theological training and parents who gave them biblical moral training as well) is that the childish rejection of my Christian worldview implies that some atheists can be TRUSTED leading anything; history would prove they are the most double-minded opportunistic fools the world has ever known, and yet, they have ZERO proof for spontaneous combustion of origins and their silly belief that life evolved from non-living material, or that humans share a common ancestry with earthworms as it is PRINTED IN PUBLIC SCHOOL TEXTBOOKS!

Time, millions or billions of years, is their DEITY....and I'm non-sensical? These clowns THINK they understand government/state media propaganda, but utterly REFUSE to look at the public education drilling into our children communist dogma that NO CREATOR EXISTS....Seriously, what a joke!

Everyone in this movement, who cannot, will not, put our founding morality, Christian principles up against the lawlessness of today; and who REFUSE to conclude that total rebellion and hypocrisy against what they PROFESS publicly; and who dismiss as religious rubbish that an all out war against the laws of nature, and of nature's God is 100% to blame for all our ills and our self destructive path, are much more divisive and non-sensical than I have ever

Willful ignorance, progressive stupidity, dumb on purpose; all of it purely selfish, and all of it leads to a loss of the PRIVILEGES of self-governance! Look into the face of a baby, an infant sometime; and realize how many billions of neurological transmissions are occurring at the same time, developing the brain and muscles and organ function of that little life, and tell me there is NO God!

It is nothing short of pure laziness, and ignorance on the part of people financing atheist "libertarians", if they cannot show me how the lies of Christianity brought us into this moral and financial bankruptcy; as opposed to an voluntary abandonment of Christian principles/values by lying opportunistic hypocrites who used the Christian label to propel themselves into positions of power and place!

I am in the MAJORITY, and I know way more about deceptive and counterfeit Christianity than people care to give us credit for....we are HERE, because Ron Paul exemplifies what it means to be a Christian Statesman...to dismiss us as crack pots, to side with Obama's regime in their "open war" on Christianity and be more empowered, emboldened, and brazen in their attacks BECAUSE he is so pro-abortion and pro-homosexuality without apology(while declaring he is a Christian, in front of his own daughters) is either a mental disease, or full blown demonic possession.

Even the devils knew who Jesus was, and begged Him to leave them alone!

keep whining

You started this, dude. I have no problem with your religious beliefs, but you are not content to keeping them to yourself. You post this crap on here to satisfy your own ego and to prop up your faith. If you are so secure in your beliefs, why do you need to argue about them constantly? To what end? The only possible answer you could give that is not ridiculous would be that you are trying to save other's souls and spread the word of God, or some such thing. But if that is the case, do you think being an argumentative prick is the best way to win others over to your faith?

"It may be a hundred years before a computer beats humans at Go - maybe even longer. If a reasonably intelligent person learned to play Go, in a few months he could beat all existing computer programs." - Piet Hut

And here is something *you* don't understand

among many other things I'm sure.

"Our Creator" only means "the Christian God" to YOU. If YOU believe him to be YOUR creator, then so be it. I believe my parents to be my "creators".

If you want to view the world from a Christian perspective, then fine, but you take it overboard and expect everyone else to as well. So much for that whole "freedom of religion" thing, eh?

You're worse than those boobs who stand on street corners holding signs listing what "God" (read: they) hate, while condemning everyone who passes you by as sinners. I guess the Golden Rule doesn't apply when the holy rollers step descend from their cloud to "converse" (convert) with us heathens.

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Compare yourself to Ron Paul

Compare yourself to Ron Paul and see hoe he conducts himself and how you do.

I wish you'd post a dozen Boston threads and get banned...or the mods put in a feature that as soon as you post, it is auto downvoted from my account because ALL your posts, without a single exception are bigoted/unintelligent/dogmatic/stupid/fundamentalist/idiotic/asinine.

you're just dishonest....

...it's a BATTLE for our Republic...ideas, INDIVIDUAL contributions collude, compliment and COMPETE for one single cause; real bonafide American Liberty as intended by our founders...you want to mix black and white paint because you're too lazy to make a cogent argument that my dogmatic positions are 100% aligned with HOW Liberty is achieved and sustained.


Compare myself to Ron Paul? Why would I do that? Mold and shape myself to be SOMEBODY I'm not? His inspiration is enough, I'm my OWN authentic, original self...expressing MY point of view, my concerns, my opinion without borrowing or mimicking someone else...not the pope, not some famous actor, politician, preacher....I am me, these are MY words....

I'm not selling anything, I'm doing my civic duty....and if you have BETTER ideas, than myself...if you could PROVIDE any proof from America's prosperous history past, that the positions I support are actually HARMFUL to Liberty and prosperity, I'd love to hear how a people who ARE NOT virtuous are CAPABLE of freedom.

My pen matters to this revolution....Your criticism and adjectives are mostly unfounded and just slanderous.

Hang In There Pardner...

...There are "Humanists" here at work, who, although frowning upon a belief in a "higher power".......

...have elevated Adam Kokesh to that which they profess to abhorr.

It's a free country...although the "Plastic Libertarians" who reside here are a bit of a joke.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

that's true...

...that's probably why I have to do the occasional YT....just so people know I'm just a "little guy", not some right-wing, K-street funded theocrat!

I can work with those who WANT to dialouge, not the self-empowered mockers who are USING this movement for personal financial gain...secretly believing it is a lost cause!

By Thor's Mighty Hammer! Are

By Thor's Mighty Hammer! Are you telling me that Adam Kokesh is trying to make a living doing what he is passionate about and loves?

What kind of sick person is interested in making profit!? He must be one of those... those.... Capitalists! Doesn't he know he's supposed to work for the good of his fellow man, and sacrifice himself for the glory of the cause?

You can tell Adam is only motivated by making the big bucks since he's organizing a march that may land him in a grave, or Gitmo for the rest of his days. Such greed! Clearly a "plastic libertarian." True Libertarians like us 3 (I think we're the only ones honestly) hover around on forums like this one and praise gawd, and give THE ALL SUPER-DUPERLY MIGHTY GAWD credit for any progress made in the liberty movment, and blame Adam Kokesh for any setbacks.

Pfft.. you can't have individualist liberty and freedom without first bowing and submitting yourself before the ALMIGHTY AND ALL POWERFUL LORD "YOUR" GAWD, King of all KINGS, RULER of the Galaxy!!! He whom bloweth away all whom thinketh to mucheth, He whom smiteth they who grovel not sufficiently enougheth!! That's the only path to liberty!

Filthy Athiests, may they all burn down forever moreth in a lake of fire! Wait... plastic libertarians don't burn... they melt. Hmmm... Well, im sure gawd can just cast a spell to turn them into wood so they burn instead of melt. It'll hurt more. Then we can call those non-believer filth Wooden Libertarians! Ha! Take that athiests!

(mods please implement)


One thing about Ron Paul....

that helped bring him so much respect and dignity is that he rarely if ever attacked persons. Ron discusses ideas and philosophies on their own merits.

And that you primarily attack personalities and entire groups of common people is why you get such instant negative reactions. You love contentions, bickering, infighting, squabbles, lashing out at and attacking others,etc.. You love it. Go watch your own videos. You grit your teeth and scowl your face and almost spit and hiss as you attack and condemn others and spew sarcasm. You are full of hate and self-righteousness...

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

support for anything born in hell...

...disgusts me, and CANNOT benefit this cause....

Somebody ought to have the guts to attack it....people just love to be led, and told what to do, and who to support...sheeple training 101

Obama says "reject these voices", and so do you, and so do I.

Adam is in a fishbowl, so, he's gonna hear it....

Theres a lot of Christian bashing on the comments....

So i wanted to make this its own comment instead of a reply.

I could claim the atheist is simply blind to his own worldview, denouncing God but living and teaching what the Bible teaches without realizing it.

I'm not bashing atheists, this is just my opinion, as every single one of them I've had the pleasure of trading life stories with, has had a story to why they became an atheist.

People don't tend to think about the logistics behind something when someone spreads misinformation.

An example is the view that the founders were deists and heathens according to what scripture teaches. This is actually 100% false.

If you look behind the scenes, who would've been the ones to say they were heathens and deists? If the whole world had one point of view, and the founders had another point of view, then the ones logically to come up with calling them heathens would've been everyone else who's views conflicted with the founders, particularly other 'Christians'.

Let's look behind the scenes again.
Who benefits from people not studying Christianity? The only religion that teaches you,

1.Entering God's presence requires no work, and that you need only faith to enter the kingdom of God

2.No man can serve two masters, if you have a chance to be free and not a slave, take it

3.To be like a shepherd, never falling asleep with your eyes and ears open, innocent and peaceful, yet willing to fight to the death to protect your flock

4.To rebuke sinful nature and to be disobedient to government when they are NOT working in your best interest(this is what Romans 13 means btw)

A book where every story and instance is an affront to government, all of the stories are about people either engaged in public disobedience, or becoming slaves for not standing up for themselves. Effectively teaching them to watch government ALL the time and be prepared to fight.

Who benefits from people not understanding this information?

The founders saw their chance to be free and took it. They followed the scripture. If people choose to be an atheist I will not condemn them for it, but its true many fear what they do not understand, and many atheists are simply atheists because of what others have told them about the Bible, without reading it themselves to find out if its true.

To say there is no need for God, is how you end up in slavery. The Bible teaches you how to win and keep your freedom. Without the knowledge inside, i wish you the best of luck. Your going to need it.

1. No work and blind faith. I

1. No work and blind faith. I reject it.

2. Why serve any master? Are you a slave?

3. In your religion there is only one 'shepherd'. The rest of you are self confessed 'sheep'.

4. What is sin? Who decides? As for the Romans 13...typical christian flapping...let me test your biblical knowledge...any verses that contradict your particular interpretation?

Exactly my point

1. a)I didn't say no work, i said "no work to enter God's kingdom"
b)I never said blind faith, i said faith. I actually can see far more than you realize, but it requires your willingness to see to find it. Truth does not just appear in front of you, you must first seek it, and want to accept it.

2. To serve God is to be free, to serve man is to be a slave. One must be free to serve God. You again are not understanding what i am saying, because you are bound by your single definition of "serve." Have you never heard of charity?

3. Please define the one 'shepherd', there is more than you think.

4. a)Sin is defined in the Mosaic law, most of you know them already. The new testament simply helps explain the already existing law. The majority of sin, is violating the rights of another.

b)No there are no verses that contradict this particular interpretation of Romans 13, in fact Romans 15 helps push its point.

However please test my knowledge, when i am tested, i learn.

Yeah, yeah you see way more

Yeah, yeah you see way more than me.

I used to go to kodaikanal to eat magic mushrooms on my bike and go off alone to contemplate the universe under a tree. Guess what? Nothing/nada/no new information, only new (and pretty) permutations of what was already there.

You've made your mind rotten by studying an ancient book and now its too late to do anything about it so you try to feel better by INSISTING its TRUE.

Let's be honest bro, that's all you're doing. It is part of your personality, your family life, your social life, even if its proven FALSE (difficult as you can't prove a negative) you will never let it go.

There's no moonman, no Santa Claus, no tooth fairy brother. Just you and me and the rest of mankind. Lets try to get along without having to resort to imaginary friends huh? Too difficult a concept to imagine?

You want to learn so play this game with me.

How would the world be different if there was no god assuming the big bang theory and evolution are TRUE and we don't worry about whatever happened before.

Can you describe what such a world would look like?

It seems like you may have

It seems like you may have made YOUR mind rotten by taking mind-bending drugs expecting them to enlighten you to anything remotely connected to reality or truth. I don't care what tribes do what drugs, or if they are natural. It's no way to make a spiritual connection to anything.

Please come join my forum if you're not a trendy and agree with my points of view.

Your lack of knoweldge disappoints me

I was ready to test my insight in this area. I have worked with ecosystems analysts for years, they all found God doing their work. I have a load of information conscerning how this world works, and yes, from an atheist viewpoint. If you are not willing to research both sides of the coin, then you are not worth my time.

I have debated this to many times to waste it on those who reject information without considering all viewpoints by fully understanding them.

Where is the Love?

I couldn’t help but find my way to this discussion board. I must admit I stopped visiting the DP regularly. However, from time to time I do visit the page, mostly to get an idea on different views
during major news events. I took a look here to see what was buzzing about Adam Kokesh’s Open Carry March on Washington. When I read the statement from ‘PatriotsUnderGod’ it was a little bewildering.
Just what in carnation was he talking about?! As I read on, I saw a lot of hatred and naysaying that I would expect from non-libertarian minded people, so I thought I would bring up a series of
comments and observations of my own.

  1. I agree with ‘Anthony in AR’ in the statement “…the atheist is simply blind to his own worldview, denouncing God but living and teaching what the Bible teaches without realizing it.” I have
    thought this for a long time now. The atheist moralist always ends up making the same conclusions that are the foundation of the 10 commandments, but for some reason never connects the dots. An
    example in this is the abortion issue. For decades Catholics have been arguing over the life of a human baby in the womb beginning at conception, and that the purposeful action of ending this
    life is murder, is abhorrent, and is inexcusable. The “pro-choice” crowd claims it to be subjective and there is no proof that it is a live baby and on and on. Well, now a logical argument has
    been made to prove once and for all that life begins at conception. And remember the most important distinction in a formal argument, if the premises are true, the conclusion MUST be true. Here
    is a link to the argument, in all its glory:
  2. ‘godsfavson’…where do I start? What is the biggest flaw libertarians always point out when arguing for liberty with the likes of Piers Morgan? When you present a logical, historical, and
    well-constructed argument, they demagogue and try to belittle your argument while providing no justification for their argument. Hoping to convince people with their mockery instead of truth.
    ‘godsfavson’ does the same thing. Sad.
  3. “How would the world be different if there was no god assuming the big bang theory and evolution are TRUE and we don't worry about whatever happened before.” A question from ‘godsfavson’,
    without proper punctuation. Well I can’t really tell you what it would be like without God, but I can tell you what it would be like without the Catholic Church:

    “Western Christianity has given us the miracles of modern science, the wealth of free market economics, the security of the rule of law, a unique sense of human rights and freedom,
    charity as a virtue, splendid art and music, philosophy grounded in reason, and innumerable other gifts the we take for granted as the wealthiest and most powerful civilization in

    – front flap of Tom Woods’s book How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization available here:

I for one am not interested in being a good Christian, rather, in being a Saintly Catholic. For this, I implore all the faithless to remember one thing; at the hour of your death, if you find
yourself in a dark place, cry out to Jesus. God Bless.

Its ok old timer. Cling to

Its ok old timer. Cling to your little myths while the rest of the world moves on. I have no anger or hatred toward you, only pity (not much).

Best of luck with your delusions. I'm sure you'll wish you had taken my advice when your descent into schizophrenia is complete. You can only talk to yourself so much before your brain turns to slush. What a pity.

If you believe in God, you have to believe in the devil too...and the devil is a hell of a lot closer..

funny how you can't strive to uphold a standard...

...different than the one you leveled at me....

You weren't there at the creation, at least we have an eyewitness account...

"at least we have an eyewitness account"?

lol'd hard at this.

No, you don't. You *believe* you do.

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