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John Boeher may get on board with Rand's efforts to legalize hemp, White House officials receptive as well

This could be a big development if it pans out... looks like Rand is really having some influence on his colleagues in Washington... especially with Mitch McConnell already on board. Read more from Politico and Huffington Post here:


And if you haven't already please contact your senators and representatives about supporting H.R. 525 in the House and S. 359 in the Senate, The Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2013!


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James Comer talking about his meeting with

speaker Boehner last week, sounds like Boehner is on board


here's more on this from Roll Call,

they say like the most likely path forward is attaching language to the farm bill that’s scheduled for markup next Tuesday by the Senate Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry Committee (which Mitch McConnell is a member of).

here's a video report from a few days ago on James Comer's upcoming trip to Washington


this is more than Rand spending political capital

This is yet another political investment. A stroke of genius.

Just think, Rand Paul: Filibustered Drone Strikes, Reaches out to minorities, Legalizes Hemp, the hits just keep on coming. He is the only one who will be able to get immigration off the ground. Never supported DOMA. And the NEOCONS give him a free pass, because the issues he choses are non-controversial.

Sometimes I worry in his economics. He doesn't seem to have his head around true Austrian economics. I have never heard him discuss protectionism, low interest rates, etc... Or is this yet another non-controversial way of dealing with the issue. His political aptitude is astounding.


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It's called political capital

and he's spending it. Way to go Rand.

Rand has done really well to push this issue

not only in the senate but also in his home state of Kentucky where they recently passed a law allowing hemp production... without him in Washington the hemp legalization movement would probably be significantly set back from where it is today. Some of Rand's other drug policy positions are kind of tame and not so thrilling but on this issue he has really excelled so overall he has not disappointed me on drug policy.