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Think about every aspect in which Government regulates your daily life.

Good Exercise

Think about every aspect in which Government somehow regulates your daily life.

Write it down, see how big the list gets. (even the small details / even things you think don't bother you)

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I wake up. My heads a-throbbing. Same Lyme disease I have had for years. Unfortunately it is illegal for doctors to treat Lyme with the only thing that has made me feel better - doxycycline long term. "That government corrupted health system is the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on humans" I ponder.

The second thought comes to my head. What am I going to do with that enormous alligator, who ate my puppy on Sunday, that is now stalking me? I have to care for my fruit orchard near that pond, but that 14 foot crazy monster is watching me. Too bad it is illegal for me to protect myself from it, out here in the middle of nowhere, all by myself.

Third thought ruminates in, "dducks, you have to quit talking about that alligator Online before the thugs show up at your gate".

Fourth. "Today, I have to finish that massive stack of paperwork that is required by the government. Too bad I had to buy that 3 foot high stack of books for that 20 hour test I was forced to take on the other side of the State. It was a prerequisite for my business license. Good thing I am an engineer so I didn't have to go to the two week course that assists a person to pass the test. I am really glad that I was one of the 30% of the testees who was strategically targeted to pass the test first time around. The test is designed to fail 70% of testees. Really truly. And I am so glad that my credit history was worthy of them granting me the pleasure of doing business. And thank god my background check was okay. And good thing I have an engineering degree so I only needed a Professional Engineer to sign off on me doing irrelevant extremely specialized task for one year to get my license. It's just too bad the process takes two years or so. Rothbard spent his life linking all business regulation to big business/government monopoly. Fascism is here to stay, dducks" I reflect.

Wow, joshlecash. I can't go on. Ouch.

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Lol. Sorry, no, I won't.

Lol. Sorry, no, I won't. (no offense meant, just bear with me)

If I give a try at this exercise, I'll go straight into deep, unrecoverable depression. Unless a miracle.

I might as well just shoot myself in the head, rather than doing this kind of enumeration.

Knowing the bottom the line is wayyyyyyyyy enough for me!

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Good morning!

3 AM, that is when I wake up. Unless, of course, the government has decreed it is that special day when they jack with the clocks and I get up at 2 AM.
I make a pot of coffee.
"The path of coffee from tree to cup brings it into contact with government in many areas ranging from international commerce to food safety to homeland security."
Then I light a cigarette. I'm growing my own tobacco, but I can't dry it and cure it and then sell or trade it with anyone, its the law.
Then I fix breakfast - the government has graciously allowed chicken owners to gather eggs and sell them in Idaho.
Then I spend some time in the garden, where my heirloom seeds are growing into wholesome food, but I can't sell it as "organic" unless I get the government's permission.
Maybe I need to run to the store today... I need to have my car tags, driver's license and insurance papers all available before I pull out of the driveway. OH! And don't forget to buckle up!
I'll surf the net for a while, saying things that the government will record and save to try to incarcerate me later... in a "prison for profit."
I'm getting older, I'd like to taek some cancer preventing medication....
Laetrile? Sorry, not legal. Well, maybe I'll grow some bitter almonds... Oops! Not in this country. How about if I juice some marijuana? Only if I move to Washington and the Feds don't come after me. (I can grow all the datura I want - hallucinogenic and potentially deadly.)
Maybe I'll call a friend, again taking care not to say anything that could be taken wrong by eavesdropping goons... and some of my phone bill will go to pay taxes to keep them eavesdropping.
I need a vacation, maybe I'll take a trip. Not far, I can't get on a plane without consenting to sexual assault, and I am not up for that.
I'd watch some TV, but when the government changed everyone over to the "smartbox" or whatever it is, I got rid of the TV.
I don't know, just a few thoughts off the top of my head. Please note the preceding comment has not been government approved, read at your own risk.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I had to run away from the

I had to run away from the cops today because I was smoking a cigarette "outside of designated areas".