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Running list of "Shelter in Place" announcements

As requested:

Posts *tagged "Shelter In Place" (vs search), updated as martial law expands: http://libertyfirewall.com/tag/shelter-in-place/

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That site should list the FIRST "shelter in place"

Was it Boston? I'd really like to know. This is new vocabulary for me!

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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Did you notice? They are all on the coasts.

We're flanked on both sides.

'shelter in place' should be called

'cower on command' or 'serf in place' just to be more precise because most shelters, which are homes, are in their place already and too many sheeple may not understand exactly what is required of them.

My question is what will

My question is what will start happening to people who violate it? During Boston, they didnt exactly arrest everyone they saw outside during what was happening.

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this will happen

A warehouse fire and an angry

A warehouse fire and an angry 7th grader makes the cops give shelter in place orders? Next big bomb that goes off it will be a nation wide shelter in place.

Worth bookmarking

How fun.

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I'm pretty much "Sheltered In

I'm pretty much "Sheltered In Place" at my office till 5:30 today...

Southern Agrarian

Seems wikipedia is missing a few "Shelter In Place" incidents


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