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How the Paleo & Primal Movement Suffer Due to BIG Gov.

“I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.” -Thomas Jefferson

The Primal Movement and Paleo Movement have grown by leaps and bounds in popularity, research, & appliance over the past few years, which usually occurs when individuals-the market-research, apply, and see success with a respective subject & want to see more.

I personally like to participate in these life/eating styles, which primarily revolve around eating whole foods that our digestive systems evolved on, and that many of our ancestors ate, such as meats, vegetables, and fruits. Both these lifestyles also call for changes in workouts, stress habits, sleeping habits, and other things that have made a difference for me and others.

But, despite this success, the Paleo and primal messages are suffering, and in my opinion, it is because of the erosion of the free market and the principles the free market introduces, which are beneficial to innovation and business and of course, the individual participant and producer. Within the last couple of years, The nearly monopolized health & food sectors have only become more monopolized through government “participation” & growth, while small businesses and great ideas, like Paleo and Primal, have suffered.

As a recent example of this government intrusion, Lew Rockwell points out Dr. Brownstein’s telling review of the recent Michigan Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Conference- nutrition propaganda conference-which happened to be sponsored by “McDonald’s, Kellogg, GMO businesses, & pharmaceutical company representatives.

And the food and drug administration (FDA) just made headlines announcing that it is considering dictating a 21 year old age requirement for caffeinated products, among other regulations which it has blueprint-copied from government’s successful tobacco and alcohol regulations. As a pillar of this success, New York, which is continually under the barrage of food dictates from Bloomberg, boasts a rate 3 out of every 5 NY cigarettes smuggled in, despite regulations & gov. “protection”.

And as one of the best examples of government “participation” in the market, we can always turn to raw milk , farmers, and the related raids, confiscations, & destruction of property carried out over the years.


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