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Senate Bill 132: Blood is boiling!

This post is out of love and concern - I love you all.


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As I was headed to bed last night my wife said she wanted me to watch a news clip she recorded on Channel 12 local news KPTV here in Oregon. The segment was about the “frightening” statistics showing the percentage of parents choosing exemptions for vaccinations has been climbing every year and was approx. at 6.4% this year. The segment had brief interviews with Pediatricians and professionals in favor of vaccinations, warning that this rise in exemptions was posing a critical and frightening issue and that all parents should be concerned for their children’s safety. My wife wanted me to watch the segment because I’ve become so critical and skeptical of the efficacy and safety of vaccinations: link to letter I sent to the Pediatrician to which I received NO response below, even after I advised him that the CDC recommends all parents to question adverse effects witnessed or known by the pediatrician and the ingredients therein (risk factors for administering vaccinations and surety that the individual has been tested for allergens to the ingredients they contain).


I could feel my blood boiling as the segment went on and when the reporter said there was new legislation to be voted on in Senate Bill 132 I about lost it…I lost all interest in the segment and proceeded to walk some mail out to the box. She knows my position on vaccines due to all the research I’ve done and as I walked out the door I posed a question/statement to her, “doesn’t it scare you that they are trying to legislate away the rights of parents to care and make decisions for their OWN children”, to which there was no response…the thing that scares me more than anything is the fact that parents are being ridiculed by the introduction of such legislation as if they have no knowledge of what they are exempting their children from and that in doing so they are putting their children in danger. THE STATE DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR CHILDREN! THE PEDIATRICIAN HAS NO INTEREST IN THE PRESERVATION OF YOUR CHILDREN’S HEALTH WHEN THEY CANNOT EVEN RESPOND TO A FORMAL LETTER ADDRESSING LEGITIMATE CONCERNS ABOUT VACCINE SAFETY! YOU AS PARENTS NEED TO STAND UP AND SCREAM – WRITE YOUR POLITICIANS AND QUESTION THEIR EVERY MOTIVE!! I will not comply and state a religion for exemption just because it is not a recognized religion and I will not be subjected to a STATE-sponsored tutorial on vaccine safety because it is a conflict of interest and biased from inception.

If you live in Oregon I implore you to write in and voice your opinion of this introduced legislation and make it clear that lobbyists are not going to legislate you children’s health, because we all know that this type of legislation has Big Pharma and vaccine manufacturer’s names all over it.

Peace and Love always.


Another vaccine post of mine for referencing.

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I took it in College too! I

I took it in College too! I even had a prescription from a doctor and would go to the Farmacy to pick it up ;)

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.


I literally cannot watch the propaganda anymore...I want to throw something through the tv...the burden of being awake!

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