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D.C. Police: We Will Arrest Adam Kokesh and Open Carry Supporters

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Sounds like a perfect false flag opportunity

If the Government or any special interests are truly manipulating events to increase gun control in this country, this is their golden moment. All they need in this scenario is for some "wako rightwing, pro-gun libertarian" to fire a single shot when confronted by police force, or for one misfire to occur, or for one officer "fearing for his life" to take the first shot.

There is the possibility of this becoming a very scary event in a split second.

I hope Adam is trying to screen and keep track of who is and who is not participating in this event, who they are, and where they're coming from (even though this would be difficult).

Best of luck to those participating, and thank you.

If civil disobedience is not disobedience to law...

If civil disobedience is not disobedience to laws, what is it disobedience to?

"Civil disobedience is the active, professed refusal to obey certain laws, demands, and commands of a government, or of an occupying international power. ..."

I don't understand what language the lady is speaking because it doesn't seem to be English as recognized by dictionaries. Is she using some sort of 'newspeak'?

A decent interviewer should have been able to clarify.

Yeah. It's called civil

Yeah. It's called civil DISOBEDIENCE because people are DISOBEYING something. If they just show up and protest, at best, they are disobeying free speech zones that the gov't sets up for peaceful protests. More likely, they are not disobeying anything. We look at the civil rights movement as a great movement now, but when it was going on, people were breaking the law by not moving to the back of the bus or by not going along with separate but equal. I'm sure they were not seen as popular figures by those in authority at the time.


Yes, that's exactly what it is.

Most Americans think that on

Most Americans think that on the 4th of July they are being patriotic by drinking lot's of beer, grilling some hotdogs and rooting for their favorite sports team. Oh, and putting out a flag.
Adam is making the point that freedom is more than that, that a line must be drawn from time to time, and what better time than the 4th of July. All you nay sayers out there need to get off your couch and join in the march, give me liberty or? what's the point of living if you're cowering under your masters whip?

People are

not cowering. In case you haven't noticed this website is VERY popular and active whether election season is on or off.

All the while.... if you have

All the while.... if you have not noticed one Liberty breaking law after another is passed. Logging onto the Daily Paul isn't enough!

Agent provocateurs are easily

Agent provocateurs are easily dealt with. The marchers can make Citizens arrests.

I sincerely hope that this is

I sincerely hope that this is what actually happens during the march. If the marchers fire shots, then the demonstration could backfire. Does Kokesh have a plan to ensure marchers don't fire any shots, especially if the police fire on them?

What about

marchers that want bloodshed? A lot of types likely to participate in following someone like Adam Kokesh (who doesn't know what actual civil disobedience is, and said "This is an armed revolt against the American government. Make no mistake about it.") probably want bullets to fly.

Isn't Arrest the Point?

Isn't being arrested or otherwise abused and oppressed without resistance the strategy of civil disobedience?


Not resisting is why actual civil disobedience (which means peaceful) can be effective.

You're showing your strength through peace. You're showing you believe in your cause so much you're willing to take abuse, unprotected, even to the point of sometimes being beat, even killed. That's how you win sympathy and people taking a serious look at your cause, then possibly joining with support.

That's what real leaders, effective leaders, like Martin Luther King Jr. understood.

I'm worried...

I'm worried that since the guns will be loaded, someone might fire a gun and cause the demonstration to backfire.

As I said

in other threads, this event is stupid and unnecessary. There is so much that can go wrong, and no real victory even if things go perfectly.

I never looked much into Adam Kokesh before, but the more I think about this event and him the more I think he is far more harmful to any liberty movement than helpful.

I think that if the guns

I think that if the guns weren't loaded, it would be wonderful. Loading them is just way too risky for my endorsement. I think that if there's police brutality against the marchers that goes viral and they don't resist, then it'll have a big impact, but again, loading the guns is just far too risky.

Unloaded is OK but can I

Unloaded is OK but can I carry multiple magazines on my belt in case government employees get violent?

Unloaded is better, but lie about guns being loaded

Kokesh would be wise to be ensure that all of the guns are unloaded, even if he lies and tells the world that they are loaded in order to ensure high profile police brutality. This way, there's no accidental shots fired.

What happens

when an agent provocateur or other rogue marcher aggressor fires a shot (or just lights a firecracker, it is the 4th of July after all)?


i thought civil disobedience involved breaking a 'law.' that's where the 'disobedience' comes in. someone phone H.D.Thoreau and tell him he was doin' it wrong. police chief said so.

as for kokesh.. used to be a fan. but the dude just doesn't sit well with me anymore. his rhetoric lately with the rally comes across pretty insincere and forced.. which seems kind of critical when you're trying to move people to do something that will either land them in jail or riddled with bullets.

his interview with jones left the same strange, uneasy feeling.

i think rockwell had it right.


as I said below here is the definition of civil disobedience:

The refusal to comply with certain laws or to pay taxes and fines, as a peaceful form of political protest.

If you go rob a bank with a gun saying the law against it is unjust you can't call it civil disobedience.

The people going on such a march would not likely be carrying firearms registered in D.C., and any ones that did may not be carrying them in compliance with the firearms laws (which she supports doing), such as certain areas and loaded/unloaded carrying methods.

Civil disobedience would be camping out without a parade permit and refusing to leave, for example. There is the word 'civil' in it. Adam Kokesh can't call what he plans civil disobedience.

Maybe they'll be carrying

Maybe they'll be carrying Nerf guns and SuperSoakers? He's a bit of a prankster.

Dont hire this

Dont hire this guy

Since when does permitted planed

protest fall under civil disobedience? Typical government thug who considers any protest as civil disobedience?

It could be fruitful.

Perhaps the real plan is to March up to the border of DC and stop short just to show how the government response to peaceful protest.

That makes

no sense.

You risk agent provocateurs or something else going wrong resulting in an absolute mess, all to show who what?

An armed illegal march is NOT peaceful protest. Let's be clear.

Illegal march?

Says who? Oh yeah the authority you obviously bow to and worship.
How are them chains? Not rubbing you raw or anything, I hope.

There is a

difference between being effective and being stupid.

Martin Luther King Jr., for example, understood the difference.


because it sure worked out for MLK!

Y'know, except for that whole "assassinated" bit.

Seems to me that 'they' will respond with violence no matter 'our' approach.

A signature used to be here!

Well of COURSE they'll arrest

Well of COURSE they'll arrest him. It's against the law in DC. Kokesh doesn't really expect to walk in there with 1000 loaded weapons and NOT get arrested. This is nothing more than a publicity stunt which could go very badly if the CIA, FBI or HLS decide to plant a patsie in that group and instruct that person to fire a round into the sky, giving law enforcement all the justification they need to engage in a massacre. It just seems obvious to me Kokesh is trying to start an armed rebellion.