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D.C. Police: We Will Arrest Adam Kokesh and Open Carry Supporters

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No, she does not understand; she says that peacefully protesting

is civil disobedience - it is not, it is simply exercising one's First Amendment rights. There is nothing illegal about it. And it's not illegal to carry a firearm in D.C. if it is registered there, except in certain areas. I don't know about the areas they will be marching in.



here is the definition of civil disobedience:

The refusal to comply with certain laws or to pay taxes and fines, as a peaceful form of political protest.

If you go rob a bank with a gun saying the law against it is unjust you can't call it civil disobedience.

The people going on such a march would not likely be carrying firearms registered in D.C., and any ones that did may not be carrying them in compliance with the firearms laws, such as certain areas and loaded/unloaded carrying methods.

Civil disobedience would be camping out without a parade permit and refusing to leave, for example. There is the word 'civil' in it. Adam Kokesh can't call what he plans civil disobedience.

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Thank YOU.

Thank YOU.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Don't forget history

Adam, Hey man I don't know you from Adam, but do you recall the recent Ukrainian Revolution, a.k.a. "The Orange Revolution"?
It was completely without guns of any kind and they made a big impact of making some changes in Government.
Recall how "The People" in droves came out to support them, grandmothers (Babushkas) made homemade soups and brought it to protesters in the cold weather. These women did not have transportation, they took trolley or trams to bring bread and soup to the protesters. When the Government saw that "The People" were united and supported this cause, well they had no choice but to capitulate to the cause.
You've got to be patient with trying peace first, isn't this what you are against? WAR?
But now you are talking like you want WAR?
What's with that?
Remember Joshua...How his "army" marched peacefully around the walled city of Jericho? When the walls fell down, then he attacked.
Think about it, OK

Leave your guns at home

Sorry to say this, but I think you'd better think twice about displaying any kind of weapon on the streets today. Sad, but true.
A friend of mine recently nearly got "bushwacked" by a bunch of gung ho cops for shooting nuisance "squirrels" in his yard, and he was using a pellet rifle.
I admire those who have the intestinal fortitude and sheer willpower to speak out and even more so to organize into a march, with a message.
Sadly, this ought to get someone's attention, but nowadays it will likely be used for someone's mandate, like attempts to take away
(by executive decree of course) our 2nd Amendment rights.
Be careful displaying weapons in public, people have been riled into believing that all guns are bad (thanks to MSM).

Executive Orders...Hey, isn't that what the KING did in medieval times?
Executive decree by order of the king?
I think this will play into the king's mandate, know what I mean?

I'm trying really hard to put on a surprised face

My earlier thoughts on this march: http://www.dailypaul.com/comment/3071127

So is the issue here that the guns cannot be loaded with ammunition? She mentioned something about weapon transport laws in DC. What are they exactly? Although this was a respectful response it felt a bit vague. Not sure I heard the word "Arrest" either.

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My issue with Kokesh on the subject...

Is not his choice of activity (providing it truly is non-violent with getting arrested as an acceptable goal). It's that it won't be nearly popular enough to create any sympathy. It will hurt him and anyone who agrees with him far more than it benefit anyone.

This is the common mistake Kokesh has made throughout his entire post-military career. He has always over-estimated his popularity and ability to persuade.

If he had 1000 that committed, only 10% meant it, 100, and only 10% won't be too afraid, 10, and only 10% of that will actually show. So it will be a very lonely march that help to marginalize him and anyone who holds ANY of his views.

I have liked the man at times, but someone really needs to put his ego in check.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

5 years in prison mandatory

5 years in prison mandatory minimum. Does he even have the money to take it to the Supreme Court on appeal? Do we even want this case there with this nut as the defendant? Cointelpro junkie bum.

Ventura 2012

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This is a huge part of it.

If someone plans on going to jail for a statement they need a few things.

1) Clear statement that everyone with reason will understand.
2) Clear goal.
3) All outcomes covered, planned, and accounted for.

This activity has no clear statement. There are things that can be inferred from it, but that is hardly clear what the actual intent is.

The only obvious goal is to go to jail.

Going to jail over an unjust law is an admirable act. I always think of Irwin Schiff when I think of people I respect for going to jail. But in this case, he is challenging a law that wouldn't even effect him.

However, there have already been numerous court decisions, precedents set, etc. He will not win in court even if he did have the money to take it to the supreme court (as you suggested).

So he goes to jail, and rots for 5 years. How does that help anyone?

Adam Kokesh has stepped off a cliff numerous times and this time may be his last. The whole thing just makes no sense.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

His stated goal is "an revolt

His stated goal is "an revolt against the government because we as free people don't need any government." Should go over well with the government employees on the Supreme Court lol. What could come out of this is the media painting Kokesh as a Ron Paul libertarian and libertarians painting him as a fringe anarchist.

Ventura 2012

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But, there are idiots in every movement. It will pass, in time, or maybe he will wake up and stop acting like a jackass before it happens.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

"There's a difference between civil disobedience...

... and violation of the law."

Until they outlaw civil disobedience.

I hope a million armed people

I hope a million armed people shows up and march across....

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Be careful of what you wish

Be careful of what you wish for...all it takes is 1 bad apple with an itchy trigger finger to spoil all the other 999,999 good apples.

And there's a damn good chance that 1 person could be some kind of government stooge.

Why risk it when the dice are loaded?

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

A million would be incredible!

Anybody reading, if you think that U.S. military or federal agents are going to open fire on thousands of armed-to-the-teeth, U.S. military, former U.S. military, and all other U.S. citizens in attendance, at the behest of their would-be-criminal superiors, then you're beyond bat s h i t crazy. And they CAN'T arrest thousands of citizens: Watch the U.S. military join you if Obama orders Martial Law on peaceful protest that includes U.S. military. This isn't Boston.

You want to effect change? This is it.

Be there, armed with guns and cameras.

And be 100% PEACEFUL. Remember, PEACE.


Since Alex Jones | disInfoWars is trying to convince you otherwise, it'd probably be wise to shut off his radio broadcasts. But if you'd rather take his "advice," I'm sure you could join Alex in Britain with his bullhorn to protest Bilderberg instead. Because that's obviously more important.

Alex Jones, if this was HIS idea (or his orders,) would be screaming "ONWARD TO WASHINGTON!" But he can't take the credit, so it's "bad." Or if Alex IS intel, this goes against the script. Either way, the only bad idea is continuing to listen to Alex Jones.

And I am not a fan of Adam Kokesh, but this has benefits that far outweigh any 'talk you out of it' excuses. Shut off and shut up Alex, and get to Washington.

He will have..... a CAPTIVE AUDIENCE..... for hours!!

If Adam plays his cards right, he will have a "captive audience" for several hours. The police & Media will be waiting & waiting & waiting for him to cross the line!! He will have a "captive audience" with them having to listen to him and his megaphone holler on & on about everything!

Adam is HIGH-SPIRITED......and young, so I think the premise of what he is doing is very good. He's essentially getting in their faces, and we need to do this. They are NO BETTER than we are, for one thing.

I just hope they WARN HIM PRIOR to crossing over that line, because if they don't, then, their true intentions are to arrest, and THAT I cannot endure. Adam, if asked, has said he will not cross the line, if they stop him.

We need thousands of RP supporters to show up there, not to march necessarily, but to support, and also to VIDEO EVERY SINGLE THING HAPPENING, so we can prevent a provocateur incident from happening.

I admire Adam for attempting to do something. My worry is what if we need these guys to help all of us, if they are in jail? The elites want that for sure!

But, I just don't know...I say stop at the line & USE HIS MEGAPHONE TO HOLLER AT THEM, ALL OF THEM, till he's blue in the face, telling them how WRONG they are.

Don't worry. The police & Media will be staying there, as long as Adam is speaking.

He will have a CAPTIVE AUDIENCE!

Well said.

Thank you for your comment.

Style counts more than

Style counts more than substance. It's not what you say it's how you say it...it's not what you do it's how you do it.

Let's be honest here...a lot of Americans are going to be very disturbed and frightened if thousands of people march on Washington, D.C. with weapons. And I'm one of them. If the march does happen and something goes awry, the not so mainstream media is going to have a field day of non stop 2nd Amendment demonization practice. Good reason to be a bit apprehensive.

They will use this to make the NRA and every freedom loving American look stupid. Don't give them such an opportunity.

There are better ways to go about doing business in Washington, D.C.

In the game of Poker, you're never supposed to show your hand.

Or is Adam just bluffing? If he isn't the 2nd Amendment is going to get royally flushed.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

Let's be honest here...a lot

Let's be honest here...a lot of Americans are going to be very disturbed and frightened if thousands of people march on Washington, D.C. with weapons.

And most of those would likely be the Obama supporters who voted for "Mr. Pro-Peace," who they won't admit they were conned by, so cluelessly defend his post-elected incarnation, Mr. Pro-War.

What's it matter if they feel "disturbed"?! "We might disturb a few Obama supporters, let's call it off. Cancel it boys!" Don't be silly.

Personally, I think it's time

Personally, I think it's time for actions such as this one regardless of the reticence of Alex Jones, Lew Rockwell, etc. Has the American republic crossed the Rubicon, yet, into fascism? The answer determines one's course of action. Marching in compliance with the unconstitutional regulations won't really accomplish anything. Marching in compliance with the US Constitution will certainly land the participants in jail, but possibly incite more armed acts against tyranny. Washington, D.C. needs to become reacquainted with their boss even if it ignites another Civil War. If noncompliance with unlawful acts restricting the 2nd Amendment or numerous other freedoms had been conducted DECADES ago, maybe the USA wouldn't be facing the precipice of tyranny today.

Same thing happened on his RNC march. He backed off that

Will he back off again?

I certainly won't think less of him if he backs off

I'm really not sure what I think about the armed march he proposes. I tend to think it's a bad idea only because I think he'll get arrested and probably jailed for a long time for doing this. I don't know if now is the right time for this march because he's only looking to rally 1000 people. If he was able to get 1 million people then things would be really interesting!

The march is a bad idea

trust me.

As I posted in another thread what would be the results?

Even if he marches successfully what do we win? Will the TSA disappear? No.

On the other hand things could get extremely F'ed up. We don't need to try any violent revolution. We're supposed to be the rEVOLution - winning with arguments, reason and economic evidence as proof.

The Keynesian big government system is falling apart and doesn't need any help. Our job is just to educate as many people as we can and pick up the pieces of the U.S. bankruptcy as best and quickly as we can.

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Title 42 USC §1983 lawsuit

on DC police Chief, Police department, DC mayor and council.


that has less chance than I do with Miranda Kerr

So your basis for the suit is that a group of people who planned to break a law got arrested for breaking it, after they announced ahead of time when, where and how they would break it?

Who would you sue? Even if the law is unconstitutional, it is a law on the books at present, and you aren't going to have any success in court trying to fault the dc police for enforcing a law that is on the books. And chances are, in their analysis, it isn't unconstitutional anyway. I love how these amateur lawyer dipshits can;t get their head out of lala land long enough to realize that if they disagree with the law they need to change the law.

This isn't going to be some big Ghandi moment where the world rallies around this. Rather, it will likely play right into the hands of gun grabbers and give them another talking point. Whether or not it is well-intentioned that is reality.

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