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High School Student Owns His Own Lazy Teacher
My nephew sent me this. An example of why he is now homeschooling.

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I heard that

the kid is an 18 yr old, repeat, sophomore. INteresting twist..



Well done

I had teachers just like her; control freaks who want to teach obedience and submission rather than concepts and facts.

Good for the kid, hopefully he reached a few of his peers as well.

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Had a teacher exactly like that last year

Who was a control freak. She wanted everyone to conform, and scared everyone from asking questions. She even made students stand outside the hallway for asking questions.

Out of fear, when she said she was going to call my parents unreasonably, I apologized to her. But I never was, and never will, for she was an unreasonable teacher. I have learned much from Dr. Paul, I should've questioned her behavior and teaching methods before.

She was literally just teaching prefixes, in a chemistry class...

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The student asked the teacher a question in which she responds with "quit your freaking bitchin and leave" the class. Here is an interview with him.

Update: There will be an investigation, teacher suspended with pay.