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Shameful examples set by the United States

Ex. 1 – In order to form a more perfect and functional economy, the annual deficit will increase resulting in an unsustainable national debt, wherein the policies implemented, mind you directly against the expectation that is imposed upon all citizens to balance and maintain a budget for purposes of creditworthiness, rental and utility privileges, insurance privileges, employment viability (in some cases), etc., have negligently and purposely induced causation for financial rebellion in revealing the unconscionable nature of our National financial accounting/budgetary practices.

Ex. 2 – Colluding with and sponsored by Corporate Fictional Entities in order to undermine and reduce the essential resources that maintain life to nothing more than commodities; patented, engineered and modified, wherein the preservation of organic and natural foods, clean and non-fluoridated/pharmaceutical-laced waters and oxygen free of aluminum, barium, aerosols and other harmful contaminants have become issues being surmounted and drudged out in various courts as if sustaining life has been reduced to unbalanced litigation and judicial favoritism catalyzed by evil profiteering and quid pro quo arrangements.

Ex. 3 – “Promoting”, rather murdering for peace and the progression of rights and health for people in other countries while simultaneously undermining and criminalizing otherwise peaceful and compliant people within the borders of this Nation through legislation and executive action.

Ex. 4 – Aiding, sponsoring and promoting terrorism in other countries, financially and militarily, while utilizing false flag events in this Nation, and sloppily so, to strip civil liberties from those, including military personnel upon their return from deportation in defense of the very tactics we assist.

Ex. 5 - Exemplifying secrecy. Public criminalization of whistleblowers, while promoting that every citizen be watchful and wary of suspicious and “anti-government” sentiments of their neighbors and friends, ultimately promoting whistleblowers at the expense of the citizen in order to scrutinize it at the expense of government and the criminal actions they partake in.

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Love and Peace always.

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Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

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