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Is Ted Cruz A Threat To The Establishment?

by Chris Rossini

If you came across a headline that contained the following words:

The Most Badass And Fearless Senator Republicans Have Seen In Ages

…it may pique your interest.

After all, who’s the one politician that truly was “Badass” and “Fearless”?

Why Ron Paul, of course!

Is there a Republican Senator who has flown under the radar, who we somehow missed, that is capable of filling Ron’s “Badass” shoes?

Well BusinessInsider thinks they found someone. Here’s the entire headline: 15 Reasons Ted Cruz Is The Most Badass And Fearless Senator Republicans Have Seen In Ages

Ted Cruz? Badass? Fearless?

Check out some of the commentary that BI serves up:

"Republicans love him because he’s honest, because he’s not afraid to take on the Establishment,” said Vincent Harris, a digital strategist who works with Cruz. “He’s energetic and Republicans are just tired of people who are going along to get along — that is the antithesis of Senator Cruz.”

“He’s conservative and he’s not afraid to talk about — and he’s not afraid to even say and do things that people in the Beltway aren’t used to,” Harris added. “It’s exciting and refreshing.”

Let’s see how anti-Establishment Senator Cruz really is. A basic litmus test. Where does he stand on the Welfare/Warfare State? Does he fall into the category of “things that people in the Beltway aren’t used to”?

Here’s Ted Cruz on Social Security and Medicare:

“I’m encouraged by any steps that President Obama is taking to save and preserve Social Security and Medicare.”

“I think it should be a bipartisan priority to strengthen Social Security and Medicare to preserve the benefits for existing seniors and to enact fundamental reform to ensure that those programs remain strong and vital for generations to come.”

Ok…with the Welfare State…Ted Cruz is all in.

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Ron Paul is great

And he had ignited brushfires of liberty in thousands of minds, but he must stop endorsing candidates. Cruz is an example of how politicians run away from liberty after gaining his endorsement.

Rand Paul knows how to keep

Rand Paul knows how to keep his name for name recognition purposes in the headlines.

Next he could say; He is fine with other countries like China having Drones to kill people robbing liquor stores, just not on our soil, or something like that.

As long as he keeps coming up with zingers we can all have a field day with, he'll be just fine.

They're looking for someone

They're looking for someone to steal Rand's thunder for 2016. Rubio's a balding buffoon, Christie's a laughable tub of shit, so they're probably hoping to make Ted the alter-Rand.

They're even doing "tread with ted" to counter "stand with Rand."

You say that as if

You say that as if Rand and Ted aren't on the same page, when Rand and C4L endorsed Cruz and they share almost all of the same positions, and have made similar statements on Israel, and have been allies in the Senate.

Cruz will not run if Rand is. And Rand is.

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

Hardcore propaganda isn't accidental

For instance, this, that pumps up Cruz and begins laying groundwork for a 2016 run:


You should probably look into Rand a bit. His father is a pretty dedicated libertarian, well known in the liberty movement, and Rand has worked with the old man for years and taken a stand on some important issues.

Of course, if you didn't know that I guess it would be easy to over-simplify the matter and judge Rand as any random politician.

Ha, is this a joke?

Don't worry, I've "looked into" Rand alright


*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*


it was a joke.

One of the follies of the interwebs

The lack of tone!

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*


How these GOP clowns will go out of their way to make something seem "new," when it's the same establishment garbage. It's NEW COKE EVERYONE!