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Miracle Mineral Solution: Cure For Multiple Diseases?

Does anyone here have any experience with "Miracle Mineral Solution?"

I don't, but I came across it awhile back and did some research. I'm not a scientist, but I understand the gist of the reasoning.

Bottom line: this is promoted as a CURE for many diseases and health problems. It started with a discovery that it cured malaria, the world's deadliest problem for humans. They found that it cured malaria in South America and Africa within 48 hours in 100% of the cases. They have now done this THOUSANDS of times. They say they have also cured other ailments.

The basic concept is that MOST pathogens in the body (bad bacteria, parasites, viruses, etc.) are anaerobic, meaning they exist in the *absence* of oxygen. There are a few that are aerobic (thrive on oxygen) and MMS does not work on them. But something like 90% of all bad pathogens are anaerobic.

MMS is a combination of Sodium Chlorite and Citric Acid. When combined, they release Chlorine Dioxide, which is a powerful oxygenator. Chlorine Dioxide is used by many municipalities to kill bacteria in water supplies, and is used in some swimming pools.

*NOTE: This is NOT chlorine that we think of; this is Chlorine Dioxide which eventually breaks down to table salt and water.

In very small amounts taken internally, it is harmless to humans, BUT IT KILLS ALL ANAEROBIC PATHOGENS, leaving healthy organs and other tissues unaffected. It breaks down into table salt and water, and is eliminated or utilized by the body. Again, this is NOT chlorine, which is poisonous to humans, but is chlorine dioxide (just like oxygen is not the same as carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide).

I remember reading once that the way scientists obtain cancer cells to study is to get healthy human cells and then DEPRIVE them of oxygen. They then turn cancerous. So, oxygen seems to play an important role.

MMS advocates say they have many cases of curing cancer, simply by drinking MMS. Not overnight like malaria, but within a short time.

Here are some links to more info:




If this is the real deal, it could be one of the greatest discoveries of all time.

They claim to cure people of things that modern medicine cannot, such as hepatitis, herpes, HIV, malaria, cancer, and much more.

Does anyone here have any knowledge of MMS?

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Serious Answer

About 99% of normal healthy bacteria in your body is anaerobic so yeah, its a scam if he's claiming all the 'good' bacteria are aerobic.

I don't know much about this

I don't know much about this but I do have a couple of magic beans that you might be interested in...

My family has used it

Husband did the full regiment just as a preventive medicine.
Never had any ill effects.

My son tried it but had to stop because his meds quit working..MMS
detoxes everything out of your body.

If you try it you need to follow the directions

carefully for it to be effective.

I used it for a while and

I used it for a while and still have most of it. The taste was pretty bad. I don't mean ordinary bad, like a bad mix of smoothie foods or a spoon of cough syrup. I mean alarmingly bad. Other than that, I didn't get the sense that it had any bad effect on me. The taste just kind of ruined my days and made me start to hate any juice I tried mixing it with.

Yes, I've read the taste is terrible ...

... did you use it for a particular purpose or just to see what it was like? If for a particular purpose, did you notice any changes, improvements, worsening, or nothing?

I used it for some health

I used it for some health issues, but I didn't notice any effect other than some nausea. I took it over a few weeks did several baths too. I didn't go up to the max dosage, whatever that was, I forget. I didn't get the feeling that the nausea was due to any detoxing, but that it was a reaction that was going to happen every time.

I might give it another go at some point.

I'll Stick To Aloe Vera Juice Thanks

It truly IS a miracle plant!


If it is marketed as a "miracle" you can consider it bullshit

A medicine that supposedly cures HIV and cancer and a bunch of other unrelated diseases you can name is guaranteed to be quack nonsense.

In this situation, MMS is bleach and water. It might kill bacteria throughout your GI tract, but it is also going to kill your vital cells. Drinking this poison would be quite stupid.

You know nothing about it ...

... which is painfully obvious by your comments.

Chlorine Dioxide is used to purify municipal water supplies, and this study proves you are wrong:


It doesn't prove me wrong. LOL

That study showed that 5 mg/L sodium chlorite didn't kill the subjects or result in clinically obvious sequealae. It remarked that the possibility was still there.

It certainly does not prove that it cures cancer, HIV, or anything else.

I noticed your snakeoil salesman conveniently cites the study you just linked to on his MMS web site, but he doesn't provide the stoichiometry for the MMS. Frankly I don't care enough to figure out how many mg/L 22.4% sodium hypochlorite works out to be to compare and contrast with the journal.

Dentists use sodium hypochlorite to irrigate root canals of less than 1% because higher concentrations damage vital tissue. I can only imagine what 22% would do.

If you want to drink your miracle potion knock yourself out I guess. Count me out.

Yes, it does ...

... you are claiming that chlorine dioxide in ANY amount is dangerous, and that study proves that there were NO adverse consequences to ANY participant in the study.

If you are going to claim that this stuff is dangerous and will damage organs or have other adverse health consequences, then you will have to first explain why there is not a SINGLE case of this occurring in the TENS OF THOUSANDS of malaria patients who have been cured with it.

Surely, if you are even close to being right, you can find such evidence.

I am open to looking at both sides. The tone of your posts show that you are not.

I will remind you: ridicule is not a valid form of debate; it is evidence that the person issuing it has no argument.

I am asking people here if they have any knowledge of this product, pro or con.

Obviously, you do not have any knowledge of it. So, if you think it is terrible, offer up some proof. Or, buzz off.