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Direct TV Went Into My Bank Account Without Telling Me

Direct TV just went into my bank account and took out 353.00 without letting me know they were going to and left me overdrawn. To make matters worse, I didn't even owe them that money. It was for an early cancellation fee. I dropped them for THEIR breach of contract when they charged me WAY more per month than I had agreed to. I didn't even WANT the stupid thing but the relative I caregive for did so I got it. I never even gave them my account number so I am shocked that they were able to do that. I had bundled with my PHONE company and THEY were the ones with my account number. Is this legal? I never gave my phone company permission to give Direct TV my bank account number and I paid the bills to THEM, not DTV!

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they did it through the debit card...

...they had done that to me once too...I did however plead with my bank, and I won my claim....bank reversed their charge and ALL overdraft fees...

Welcome to the world of contract law, and bank lobbying!

The little Direct TV sticker that appears on the front quarter-panel of them Sprint Cup NASCAR cars comes with a price!

If you are paying

with a debit card, the only solution is to go to your bank and cancel the debit card. I had internet service from a now defunct internet provider, Open Range. They threatened to take $120 from my checking account if I didn't return the box.

Seems there wasn't anyone at the facility to sign for the return of the box, it was closed and the 1-800 number wasn't in service. There would be no proof I returned the box. I shut the card down immediately.

Thanks For All The Advice

I have read your comments and plan to fight this if possible. I NEVER signed ANYTHING from the phone company or DTV. I didn't even give them my debit card number. I simply used it to pay my PHONE bill. I called the phone company since they are the ones I paid the DTV bill to. I NEVER sent DTV any money or used a card to pay them. It all went through the phone company. I never even liked DTV and if it hadn't been for my chair bound relative I wouldn't ever have that rip off TV. They claim I had all kinds of bells and whistles too that I never had. They are blatantly corrupt like most corporations, but THIS was like walking into my house and stealing cash! I feel violated. Sorry to hear what happened to the others here too!


qualifying card authorization

Look for a section in your contract labeled 'qualifying card authorization agreement' or something similar. There you will find the basis in which they feel they can do that. Otherwise, youre pretty much out of luck & will need to go through your bank to have the payment reversed. Also make sure you return the equipment or they will hit you again.. hope it helps, but i know it wont.

I Never Got Any Contract

No paperwork AT ALL except a welcome note. Zip, Nada, Zero! Now I can't even get the bank to wave the 34.00 overdraft fee. First DTV screws me then the bank does it too.


I left Direct TV Because

I was watching cable mostly because they had Versus tv which had our local college games. Comcast ownes versus and direct tv stopped use of versus and shut it off and explained it cost too much and they were not going to renew. I told them I wanted to close my account which was over 10 years old. They said they would give me some extra channels for free if I would stay I denied and moved to Dish Network. Last summer I went on a road trip all summer a month before I left I paid my final bill 1 month in advance and asked for them to send me some boxes. They sent the boxes. I shipped the receivers and remotes back before my account run out. A month or two later they sent me a bill for about a hundred bucks. I told them I had paid in advance before I ran out and I was no longer under a contract. They told me I owed them for the boxes and return shipping I told them to sue me and hung up. I never heard from them again. I hope they both go bankrupt. along with Fox Cnn Msnbc, cnbc and all the rest. I am starting to enjoy game shows again lol.

That's why I don't have cable or satellite

#1 - why pay to watch commercials (1/3rd of television is commercials, and the other 2/3 is "programming")
#2 - and actual good tv is typically commercial free (although I do watch the occasional Giants game on rabbit ears but haven't used them yet this year)
#3 - you can watch netflix for $8 a month, and cancel at any time
#4 - Books are awesome - I have close to two thousand and read at least a half hour a night. Most books were donations or bought at secondhand stores.

Television for me is good to fall asleep. Literally and figuratively. If I can't fall asleep instead of taking drugs I'll put something on youtube or whatever and have my computer go to sleep in a half hour or so. If I'm reading a good book sometimes I will look at the clock and I have to be up for work in a few hours, that's a drawback.

My parents had DirectTV and canceled service like you did for the same reason but they didn't get got like you did. They have dish network, which is cheaper.

dispute charges with bank

Let them know, Direct Tv never had been given your bank account.

They will put the money back in your account with 24 hours and Direct TV has 30 days to respond. They will reverse overdraft charges as well. Will give you time to look over Paperwork and prove your point.

If it was a ACH transaction,

If it was a ACH transaction, the bank has 24 hours to cancel the charge. Otherwise they have to do a reversal request which may or may not be honored. Basic guidelines for ACH transactions can be found at http://bankoffairfield.com/sites/default/files/ach.pdf

If it was a debit card then you have more time, but again your claim may or may not be honored.

Best of luck!

WorldPay Is A Corrupt Company

WorldPay (credit card processing company) just took me for a ride too by stealing over $600 from my bank account. They are THIEVES.

WorldPay is an unethical company. My original contract expired in 2010! But of course they automatically sign you up to a new contract without ever sending you a renewal notice. No signature, no notification, nothing.

Nope, they just do it for you now. How nice.

Until you notice how much you're getting screwed every month in the billing statement.

Read the fine print, if you have a law degree.

"All I had to do was give a 3 month notice."

NOT. That was a nice hook, line, and sink the sucker advertising slogan.

I should have known better with a name like that....


WTF was I thinking? Duh!

May as well have signed my name in blood to the devil himself - a THIEF and a LIAR.

Don't do business with WorldPay, unless you like getting money stolen out of your hard working hands.

WorldPay gives "good business," a bad name.

If anyone from WorldPay comes into your business trying to steal your hard earned wealth, tell them to go back where their company came from.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

I think Time Warner did that to me too.

It showed up on my statement.

never give any company or

never give any company or person your bank account numbers, not even god.

It Is That Simple

Never ever sign a piece of paper that has your bank account number on it or your debit card number from a visa check etc.

Never ever give a copy of a voided check when you sign up for a service.

Laws were changed after Sept 11 that work against you if you give them the ok to do any sort of direct withdrawal.

If they get your account or debit card then they get to do an electronic presentation and that will not end well for you. The law is really stacked against you when you do this.

They want your signature on a check or piece of paper to direct debit your account. They will lie and sneak it out of you.

Most commission systems are based on then getting that checking account number out of you.

DirecTV specific: Contact your States Attorney General office. There have been many class actions suits and agreements against DirectTV. Your story is very common.

Call Clark Howard

Call Clark Howard - the radio show money expert and how to not get ripped off expert, He even has his staff fight this kind of stuff for you. I just wish he knew what real money was, that would make his show a whole lot better. I hope it all works out well for you.

DTV is partnered with phone companies etc.

remember to read the fine print


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

They tried that on me when I

They tried that on me when I cancelled the service because they raised my rates and I canceled. What I did was changed my card to a card that had nothing on it. It kept rejecting on Direct tv. They called me and I told them to send me the boxes so I can send back the equipment. Took them 3 months, but they did. Never heard from them again.

Contact your bank

Dispute the charge and they'll likely refund it and the overcharge fees that occurred in spite of it.

Call Direct TV and tell them to go f*** themselves.

So, change your card

So, change your card number....

This Does Not Work Like you think...

DirecTV and other "trusted" services like your cable and gas company are allowed to present your old card number and get paid.

This actually is pretty convenient. You would have to close the account or contact the credit card company to actually accomplish what you are trying to do.

Spawn of Satan

I'm sorry this happened to you. They tried to steal $350 from me.

In 2010, my wife ordered the NFL Sunday Ticket.
In 2011, Directv auto-renewed it, unbeknownst to me.
In 2011, NFL Sunday Ticket never appeared on my TV, even though they "auto-renewed" us.
In 2012, Directv starting charging my account.

When I realized this, I called them and asked them to refund the $350.

They refused.

I told them I would work with them since I did not read their fine print. DTV, after all, didn't deliver the service. I told them if they delivered it in 2012 without charge, we could call it good.

They refused.

I offered to let them keep the $350 in return for in kind payper view and premium channels.

They refused.

They are real a-holes at Directv.

So I had enough. I said "No, I refuse. And you are not only going to lose the $350 you stole from me, but you'll also lose a customer."

They said, "Go for it."

So I called Visa and disputed the charges. Visa agreed with me and refunded my money.

Directv was very upset. They tried harrassing me on the phone. At this point, it actually became fun antagonizing them.

They threatened to send it to collections.

I said, "Go for it."

I sent my documentation to collections and they stopped calling. I dared them to take it to court as I know I could make them pay far more than $350 in billable legal hours. They dropped it.

Bottom line is Directv is the spawn of Satan. They have a D rating with the BBB and the BBB tends to side with corporations.

So my only advice is if you are going to pay for something with auto-deduction, then set it up on a credit card. NEVER, NEvER use your debuit card or bank account. You lose recourse when you do.

The good news is that Cable and Dish are dinosaurs. They are newspapers and network commercial tv. They are buggy-whip manufacturers. The future is internet and mobile. Dish and cable will soon be on the ah heap of history. perhaps that's why they don't care about fairness.

Always demand to speak to

Always demand to speak to their boss. Sometimes it takes demanding to speak to the president of the company. If that doesn't work tell them,your going to contact the newspaper or TV news about this.

I Didn't EVER Give Them My Visa Debit Number

THAT makes it even worse! I am going to fight this somehow. They are disgusting!


You didn't give it to them,

You didn't give it to them, yet somehow, they managed to guess 16 digit number associated with your card? Right.. Sure...

Call your bank. Tell them your card number has been compromised. Tell them to send you a new card.

They will cancel your card and send you a new one. DirecTV won't be able to do that again.

No I Think

they got it from my phone company. THAT'S who I set up the account with for DTV. I always paid the PHONE company too. NOT DTV.



Is like that. After my experience with them I absolutely believe what he says happened. They are the television provider equivalent of BOA.

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie

Yep, they've done it to me before, too.

I cancelled my service when my contract expired and between them shipping and me receiving the boxes to send my equipment back I went into labor at 32 weeks and ended up spending 4 weeks in the hospital 50 miles from home. They took like $500 from my account without ever so much as calling me. I got home with my 10 day old preemie, recovering from a c-section, and had to take care of all kinds of bills that had bounced plus lots of fees.

And they refused to do anything about it. They felt justified in their actions. I don't deal with them anymore.

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie

Is There NO legal Recourse?

This seems no different to me than if they had just come in my house and STOLEN CASH!


It's going to depend on your bank.

I use a local credit union and I went into a branch and explained the situation to them. They allowed me to file a claim saying it was not an authorized transaction. They also waived most, if not all, of their fees, as did the other places which had charged me fees for returned items. Of course, I had just given birth and had a 4.5 lb baby with me AND I was a basket case. I can't honestly say it would have been so easy for a man... hopefully it will be!

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie