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Lucy is Right: Insurance Should Be a Nickel

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MetLife has an ad featuring the famous comic strip character Lucy van Pelt of Peanuts. MetLife is promoting its life insurance product “for as low as $14 a month.” The bad-tempered bully Lucy responds indigently that, “It should be five cents.”

...When the commercial was written, I believe the price of gold was around $1,290 per ounce. Hence, an old nickel’s worth of gold would be worth almost $3.25 at the time...

...Apparently Lucy was not arguing for the sake of arguing, as she is wont to do. Neither is she arguing, normatively, that the price is too high. Rather, she is making an argument for a return of the old, true gold standard...

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heh heh - that Charlie Brown...

he really cracks me up.

Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.