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Ron Paul ‘I think it’s Fantastic’ CryptoCurrency, Bitcoin, Commodity Banking, Precious Metals Barter

Ron Paul of Ron Paul’s Podcast Nation joins Open Currency Update with Kurt Wallace. Ron Paul shares his experience in discovering economic freedom and individual liberty. He explains why the Federal Reserve's ‘Free Money’ will create more bubbles.

We discuss spontaneous redefining of what money is for the individual with new forms of currency such as bitcoin, commodity banking, personal trade and barter with precious metals. Dr. Paul talks about legalizing parallel currencies in the US and why economics is the baseline of his message of Liberty. We also get a preview of Dr. Paul’s upcoming speech in New York May May 13th – 14th.


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Dr. Paul starts

commenting on Bitcoin at about the 4:00 mark, but the whole thing is worth a listen.


Thanks! It was difficult to determine what to pull as a title because of the variety of topics and information that came from this interview.