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JFK-RFK-MLK? The Questions Remain


Wait for the Fiftieth, they said. Oboy!

The half-century mark since the assassination of John F Kennedy was supposed to be some kind of event. Lots of books were in the offing. Broadcasters were primed. We were going to get some really huge revelations, some kind of major step forward in coming to terms with this event that has so affected America and so divided its population.

And guess what? Eh. Basically, eh. Nothing so amazing (to be really generous), and, sorry to say, hardly anyone is paying real attention.

Hollywood and the media have produced and are producing a body of work that by and large perpetuates the official story of 1963 or threatens to further muddy the waters, while ignoring the massive amount of research—and general consensus by most researchers, the public and a congressional committee—that there’s far more to the story.

At WhoWhatWhy, we think the public has a right to something better. To real inquiry that follows fact trails wherever they go. To a kind of fearlessness in search of explanations that might not be “wise” in a conventional journalistic career but that distinguish the only kind of journalism truly worth its salt.

Over the past few years, we’ve published a number of articles on JFK (and on the equally problematical official account of his brother’s death and that of Martin Luther King).

We’re determined to do more. But it’s hard when you’re a small outfit with limited staff and financial resources. Nevertheless, we’ll keep at it.

In the meantime, here are links to relevant articles we’ve already published over the past several years. See which ones are of interest. And please spread the word by using social media and email lists to alert others.

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50 Years Since JFK Assassination Retrospective

Bob Feldman has been putting together some rare reports on JFK if anyone is interested.


JFK Jr. Also

Don't forget JFK Jr. They made sure that the John Kennedy line was ended, including the unborn baby of John Jr's. wife.

The coverup on the plane crash was unreal. You can research it and find things that were outright lies by the press as well as the Pentagon, and also find the truth as well. He was planing on bringing up his father's assassination big time and someone didn't like it. They also feared his popularity and a possible presidential bid.

His plane went straight down while coming in on approach for landing. They had him on radar coming in, and the plane flat out went straight down. The search and rescue didn't take place until 15hrs. later, even though Radar data showed where it went down.

There is so much more to this JFK Jr. assassination. This video and article are pretty good and shows how it was a cover up.

Reminder to myself to watch this later

Can't wait to see this one. It's incredible how deep down the rabbit hole this whole thing goes

End of story? I don't think so.

For your viewing pleasure:

For the most in depth look at these three murders,

I highly recommend the Mae Brussell archives. She was a housewife who thought the JFK story was downright fishy, ordered the entire Warren Committee hearings transcript and cross -referenced it with the newspapers of the time. That began her study into what we would now call the power-elite. She drilled down and names names, tracks money, and shows the patterns of corruption.

In fact, she handed Rose Kennedy a note saying that RFK was in danger, and lo and behold, he was shot that next week. She knew it was coming because she was watching the patterns of the people.

Check out the bibliography sheet section:


I love to peruse these because the names that haunt us today, she had pegged 25-30 years ago as being players, like Arlen Spector, Rupert Murdoch, etc. Her archived radio shows are available on Youtube, lots of them on these particular murders.

Thanks for your comment.

Thanks for your comment. Excellent inso.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

"Case Closed"

A very good book I suggest you and everyone interested in the subject read.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but JFK, rest in peace, was very reckless (it appears to run in that family) for insisting upon an open car despite the warnings from the Secret Service and others. Oswald was a lunatic communist who acted alone on an, unfortunately, open target. Case closed.

Yeh - and that RFK was just as reckless

he should have had one of those pope bubbles around him.

MLK too - what was he thinking - leaving his hotel without a bubble.

The problem with the lone lunatic theory is WHY Jack Ruby felt to go for revenge - what - did a career felon mobster have such love of the president that he felt compelled to avange his death. LOL- clearly you have never met a real mobster. They just are not wired like that. They do things for gain and only gain.

I guess the Boston bomber was some lone communist nutter as well. Funny how both lone nutters managed to come and go to Russia despite having enormous red flags.

Jack Ruby wasn't a mobster.

Jack Ruby was a lunatic who was obsessed with JFK, as his friends attested to. He was no mobster -- that was all hype to sell conspiracy books. It worked too.

As for RFK, my cousins had been classmates of that killer, Sirhan Sirhan, who, btw, confessed to the murder. My cousins weren't surprised when they found out he killed RFK, knowing personally what a nut Sirhan Sirhan was.

It's time for conspiracy-loving folks to stop watching movies and live in the real world.

Oh yeah? I read a paragraph about Jack Ruby...

It said he had been arrested, I believe, NINETEEN TIMES, for felonies, yet never convicted. Then the book goes on and calls Ruby a "loser"(!!!) I would like to be able to do that.

I'll take the video "Dark Legacy," which convincingly indicts George Herbert Walker Bush as ordering JFK's assassination, just as he tried to do with Ronald Reagan.

A paragraph?

Read the whole book. You will find it interesting, to say the least.


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You absolutely must be a paid troll.

Watch the secret service agents on the sides of the car being ordered to fall back.

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Nice to hear from you again.

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I can't imagine what a dreadful creature you must be in person.

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LOL. Keep dreaming dinahtab. And keep up the entertaining posts. You are a hoot, among other things.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.