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Boston Marathon Finish Line-Could 1st explosion have been a drill and the 2nd explosion real deal?

Another video from that 'foreigner' guy:


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I think I got dumber watching

I think I got dumber watching that video. Utter foolishness and absolutely insane.

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Great job as always, Ralph

Not sure why anyone on here on this liberty thread would want to try and hush and silence some of the outstanding glaring QUESTIONS.

I thought it would be a liberty lover who should ask LOTS of questions...and....even more....BY DEFAULT...target the government for suspicion and culpability.

Of course the Founders would have approached it that way. But no...we have become statists. Believing the lie of Thomas Hobbes.

WAKE UP. The "state" is NOT good. It is evil. A necessary one at BEST. To quote Thomas Paine.

The Boston Bombing incident is (just like 9-11 and every other false flag event since then) so full of HOLES that no one knows what is up or down.

I have a TWO WORD answer for you:


Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

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how does that conclusion follow from the evidence given there?

an old guy fell.

"But wait! He 'caught' a shiny thing that lady in front of her threw!"

Never mind that in the photos immediately following that in the video, the photos which have a resolution where things can be discerned, instead of youtube video compression algorithms, we see empty, shiny bags near him on the ground. Could that be it? Certainly not! Why, throwing that 'speck' clearly must have meant _________.

"But wait, the officer not facing the explosion didn't react the same way as those who were!"
"But wait! The camera man...didn't stand perfectly still?"
"But wait! A lady with balloons stopped!"

Therefore _____________.

This is lunacy. Honestly, it hurts the case for deception.

"You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?

I thought it would open up discussion, Jon

I don't believe or agree with every article or video I post. People like to see new stuff on the marathon. I thought this would be "safe" because it did not talk about actors and show "blood". This was interesting and it shows what some others see and think. It's something I've never looked at before and thought others might like to see it. It was not posted to 'prove' what I think. I have my own thoughts to what happened. Some people concentrate on just one person in the crowd, one speck of light. This marathon has all sorts of things people like to obsess over. Why? Because they know it stinks of corruption and they want to try and bust it open.

I was going to show this video...which I don't believe, but it has nothing to do with actors or fake blood and I thought it would be something the people who like to talk about reptilians or masons and such might enjoy. I only watched 3 minutes of it, but I'm pretty sure it does not talk about actors and amputees:


might rather hear about your views really

You did get discussion of sorts from Jon!

as per the video posted....the old man falling down is likely just that. Sure he has good balance for a 78 year old but still as people age they do degenerate. So, the ears of those younger folks next to the fence are likely in much better shape plus the fact that they are firmly planted on the ground when it happens. He is in the air and falls funny because as one foot hits the ground he is off balance and tries to catch himself. The fence blew out, there was probably some physical force in addition to the very loud noise that would assault his already degenerating ears where balance resides.

Not much to say about the fleck. Anomaly of light and filming most likely. Trying to catch something that was dropped in front of him? The balloons are interesting.

But overall, I say, keep looking.

I only listed to first minute of 2nd one so far.