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Another day, another 4th amendmant right infringed -Judge Allows FBI To Use Evidence Collected Via Stingray Fake Cell Towers

Techdirt -Thu, May 9th 2013 3:59pm


"For the past few years, we've been covering a key DOJ case against Daniel Rigmaiden. Rigmaiden appears to have been involved in some likely fraud, but after asking how the feds tracked him down, it was revealed that they used a fake mobile tower, often referred to as a "stingray" (though the actual product goes by a few different names), to create an effective man in the middle attack. This allowed the FBI to keep tabs on Rigmaiden's location and some of what he was doing, as the aircard he used to get online was suddenly running through their own special fake Verizon tower. In fact, it later came out that the DOJ has been misleading judges for years about its use of the technology. However, a judge has now ruled that none of that really matters, and that the evidence collected by the stingray (or as a result of its use) can be used in the case against Rigmaiden. "


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so as a commentor on the article points out

there is no expectation of privacy - so I can go do a man in the middle and I am not breaking the law?


Oh - but it is not that simple. Most likely Verizon is in on the scam. They probably don't even do a man in the middle - they just say thats how they got the info(hence why the judge doesn't ask the important details) when in reality -Verizon just hands the shit over.

Sadly not in the least suprising or constitutional so sad...

do the "public servants" haha sorry thugs trample rights or scratch that even follow their own training on say a murder case? In my experience natch (no). Have you ever tried getting Law Enforcement(on any level) to look at a closed case? "It is much easier to fool someone than it is to convince them they've been had"
To convince a judgemental detached soul less prick in a robe he'd been duped would be like getting said detached arrogant by nature *hole to admit that they are human by virtue of the fact that they make mistakes or are imperfect. Not going to happen. sad and tragic ; ends justify the means; greater good barf! Not only were these lazy inbred knuckle dragging troglodytes raping the framers intent by posing masquerading as a cellphone tower, they had to rewrite the PRL (preferred roaming list) on his device . In other words a PRL tells a device what towers it may use and what services it is eligible for w/said towers . So they (jackboots) didn't simply intercept public frequencies they altered a citizens property remotely to obey law enforcements commands (not the owner of device). It only stands to reason the camera on my(& everyone's)device serves another master. UURGHHH! EWWWWWW & GROSS

Aaron Russo, Nikola Tesla, Ron Paul, I'm jus' sayin'

Thanks, that was really

Thanks, that was really informative, so essentially, the fbi hijacked a commercial software service that is intended to update our cell tower roaming lists, something that without, correct me if im wrong, at some point would disconnect a user by not updating to new towers or by deleting now defunct towers, or their "address", if for instance a user were able to turn off the prl update.

If my gist is anywhere near the ball park, then its not bloody right, understatement......if they are given free reign like this, 1984 wont come, its already here