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low energy foods

For years I found that eating makes me lethargic. I keep finding that I had more energy the days when I didn't eat or ate very little, even though I felt hungry. I tried the paleo diet, but it didn't help.

Then I realized that the feeling of hunger wasn't entirely hunger, it was an elevated energy level where I wanted to move around all day long. I was interpreting it as my body wanting to eat, and I kept treating the condition by eating foods that made me lethargic and not anxious to move. I guess the idea I was working off of was that the elevated energy was conflicting with my desire to sit down and get lots of other stuff done.

I started eating mostly fruits and veggies, and the energy was almost unbearable. I couldn't eat like that and sit at a desk doing work all day. I kept standing up and eventually would drug myself with foods that would slow me down. Even when I started eating more fruits and veggies, I would try to keep eating fruits and veggies when I felt hungry (they say you can eat as many of them as you want!), but it was like eating them just kept making my energy go up, and I would eventually go nuts and binge on some donuts to lower my energy (after the brief sugar high).

Right now I'm at the point where I'm really starting to notice, in a few bites, whether a food is going to give me energy or sap my energy. So I'm finding that grains, meat, beans, corn, potatoes, anything fried, or any heavily processed foods will sap my energy. It isn't that they give me less energy, they actually result in a net energy loss, like government spending programs do to a nation's wealth.

What's left is fruits and veggies. I'm not sure yet about a few things, like seafood, eggs, or grilled food. Steamed is fine. I haven't tried sashimi (sushi without rice) or other raw meat yet since I started paying attention to this.

Has anyone else discovered this type of thing themselves?

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You can always measure your

You can always measure your blood glucose and blood ketone levels.

The distinction I make is

The distinction I make is between organic and fake. Something that is organic grows the way nature intended. And this can be organic vegetables or even meat (free range chicken for example).

I have been eating organic for a week now - mostly grains, carrots, and vegetables from Whole Foods - and I have noticed a difference. I feel much better.

I'm at a restaurant and ..

Was just about to order some pecan pie.

Then I saw this post.


Update: I didn't order the pie. But I did eat a cupcake.

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Makes sense.

Makes sense. Except for the meat (and beans maybe?), all of the foods you feel better staying away from are high glycemic and cause your blood sugar to spike and fall wildly. You might find that you can eat a little meat chicken or fish, along with lots of veggies, as long as it is organic, grass fed, free-range, wild caught etc. One of the things where people go wrong doing Paleo/Primal is using it as an excuse not to eat lots of veggies.

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This is a great thread. The

This is a great thread. The answer is a resounding yes!

Some foods do make you sluggish and some foods make you feel fresh and energetic. For me, rice based stuff and lentils makes me energetic and wheat/meat/sucrose/fructose make me lethargic.

Overeating is a big culprit. You don't feel like doing anything when your stomach is full to the point of bursting.