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To Ron Paul Activists... and a question

As Ron Paul supporters, one of the things we can do to help Ron, ourselves and our country is to become engaged with our reps at home. You have one Congressman and two Senators, and they may be found at:

(same as the little blue box on the right side of the DP page).

I rarely wrote to my Congressional Representatives before, but I have started. And, what I said was for him to start acknowledging the Constitution and to vote in accordance with it. This is what Ron Paul does, and what every Representative and Senator ought to do.

I mentioned Ron Paul in my emails and said that if he was able to follow the Constitution, then he (my rep) certainly should be able to also. It seems like it ought to be clear-cut, but it isn't for some reps. So I am sending reminders and will do so 2 or 3 times a week. This guy will know who I am . I am also sending the rep's info to all the people who live near me.

Other people on DP have mentioned DowsizeDC.org
This is a wonderful site, and has quite a few bills you can support immediately.

Anyhow, that is what I am doing. If all the Ron Paul supporters started peppering their reps via email to simply follow the Constitution (which they swore to uphold) then we would make a difference pretty quickly. Mentioning Ron Paul is up to you. He is making a difference in this country and our world, and I want my rep to know that I support this no-nonsense man and his responsible voting record.

Here's the question. I tried to find a site that has Bills which are pending (not yet voted on) in the House and Senate, but I couldn't find one. www.congress.org/ has some, and some voting records, but none where the visitor could send feedback to one's reps.

If you know of a site like this... well, it would sure help.

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I suggest a name

The republicans have the Republican Liberty Caucus(Dr. Paul is a member)
Suggest that your member join this group. Check them out


For my part, I've started calling myself a Liberty-Republican to differentiate myself from the Republican name...that some have sullied-we can take it back however!

I'm working on a website by that name, devoted to restoring true republican ideals to the party, through popular demand. I'm gonna need help.

Mike Stahl

"Thanx and a hit tip..."

Good idea - never heard of them, but I will visit the site.

Does anybody know where my "quote" came from? Name the guy who always use to write that. Can you?

you = part of the RLC?

Maybe you should talk to the RLC about becoming a grassroots "side" of their org; kind of a combo "farm team" and bleachers support section.

Get active NOW to put Ron in the general election. ronpaul.meetup.com

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

Open Letter to Representative Michael McCaul


Open Letter to Congressman Michael McCaul

Dear Congressman McCaul,

Ron Paul said, "We should take our marching orders from the Constitution!". I whole-heartedly agree. I would love to see your voting record match his.

I wish everyone in Congress and the Senate would honor their oath of office to uphold and defend the Constitution the way Ron Paul does. I am convinced that this would resolve most of our country's problems.

Therefore, I request that you follow Dr. Ron Paul's example. He has a proven track record of upholding and defending the Constitution that spans over three decades, and I'd like to see you do the same.

Thank you very much,


my congressman wont respond to me anymore!

I never was harsh or rude just asked the wrong question like what are you going to do to end this war in iraq? now i send him an email a couple of times a week but still no response LOL

Email sucks

E-mail can be filtered and is heavily screened. Also because e-mail is so convenient that they tend to get flooded (at least, for the handful of staff they tend to have). Write letters. Hand writen is best; it shows you are really concerned. I had the same problem with my congress-critters until I started calling and writing letters. Of course, most of what I got then was some kind of glossy and vague response, but at least it was something and it did mention my concern so it couldn't have been a form letter...

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From now on...

Our representatives better start asking themselves, "What would Ron Paul do?"

That simple... If they follow that rule of thumb, I will vote for them... If not, I will find someone who will to vote for.

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