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“Freedom isn’t free”

“Freedom isn’t free” is one of the dumbest phrases I’ve heard in my whole life. It gained mass popularity shortly after 9/11. Emotions were running high, so the enemy force quite apparently invented a convenient way to get to the sheep & goats to pine for war in traditionally Muslim territory. …I saw the same kind of foolishness after the Boston bombings when people cheered on their oppressors by bleating “USA USA USA…” like well-behaved Nazis. Terrorism is not our real enemy. Government is. Guard yourselves: Tricks are used from angle (Christian radio is a good example) to get you to focus on Islam. …Simply because a majority of the people in the part of the world where our actual enemy aims steal resources are Islamic. Remain focused, people! Don’t let the spirit of fear dictate the direction of your thoughts. Distraction is a BAD thing; not a good thing.

“Natural Rights Vs The Patriot Act” by Judge Andrew Napolitano