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Is the marching of today the same as the marching of yesterday?

Just my opinion, but it seems the march protest of today is not the same as yesteryear. The point typically is to draw the attention of the mainstream media and the government. Well is there really something the government doesn't know that a march is going to teach them. And what if the position you're marching against is actually the MSM's position, then what can a marcher really hope to achieve?

March to oppress the white male in some way, and the MSM will surely come, cameras-a-blazin. Other than that, back to the drawing board, in my opinion.

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Media Event: Fail

Marches are media events. It is the awe inspiring nature of seeing tens of thousands of people showing up at the same time to promote some cause that used to get media attention. Now, however, hardly any marches are ever covered by the media. To add insult to injury, the politicians who you're trying to impress generally leave town during the big demonstrations. The protesters become the proverbial tree falling in the forest.

That's why this Kokesh march is so interesting. I would not have thought of such a thing, because it seems so fraught with violent possibilities. But he has already garnered media attention and he has gotten a verbal response from TPTB. It turned out to be a shocking enough idea that he has managed to break through the wall of silence.

It's said that any publicity is good publicity. Not so sure about that. This is a march that will achieve something all of the pro-Ron Paul marches failed to achieve: air time.