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The Bradley Manning Liberty Torch Parade, Now Joining The Kokesh March!

"The outcry surrounding SF Pride's snubbing of Bradley Manning as an honorary Grand Marshal in the 2013 parade has the potential to unite every faction of the freedom movement from R3\/0Lution to Occupy.

Concerns about the police state, indefinite detention, and NDAA together with a strong desire for universal, hard-core liberation (as opposed to vanilla "equality") ignited in outrage when the Pride committee announced its ill-fated decision, and now a bold coalition of freedom advocates has emerged with a beautiful vision for a parade of liberation that will dwarf the pride board's pitiful attempt to squelch any "hint" of support.

The Bradley Manning Liberty Torch Parade would begin in San Francisco, with the Bradley Manning contingent proudly igniting the flame of freedom and carrying it in the parade. But instead of stopping there"....

read the rest of the article at - http://outrightusa.org/joomla25/blog/256-the-bradley-manning...

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you only wear clothing made from one fabric?

you go around stoning wizards?

you murder people who speak ill of their parents?

you have never shaved or cut your hair?

As batshit crazy as you are, I doubt you actually do any of those things. No, you just hide behind Christianity to promote your bigoted views, you big thilly goose.

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Thanks for the good news Zak

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Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Why Would They Snub Him

don't the GBLT care about freedom? Why snub him in the first place?


they didn't, tptb did

The committee or rather the SF Pride Electoral College voted to have Bradley Manning be the honorary Grand Marshal for SF Pride. The SF Pride board basically said there is no way we are going to let that happen and rescinded their decision. The protests have ensued.

for more info....lots of links off this one:

and the SF Pride statement:
its a public post since I just got to it