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To All Who Believe there Were No Injuries in Boston:

First of all, let me make it clear: I know I am considered a "conspiracy theorist." You can take a look at my post history to verify that. The way I see it, the Boston Bombings were orchestrated by TPTB and carried out by military intelligence in coordination with police, and the whole thing from the marathon to the arrest of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev WAS a drill.

However, seeing all the comments from people on the DP about how "no one was injured" and "the injuries were all faked" prompted me to create this thread.

I live 45 minutes North of Boston and my family knows people who were injured at the marathon. The daughter of my Aunt's boss had shrapnel from one of the explosions lodged into her and had to go to the hospital; my mother also knows a man from her gym whose son lost appendages and required amputation. Obama actually visited him and the other people who lost appendages in the Hospital personally.

So please stop spreading that kind of false information. It reminds me of the childish "no one died on 9/11" crowd.

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What year was the guitar

What year was the guitar photo taken?

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

August 2010

August 2010


Would you say it's possible that he could have lost his legs after that photo was taken but prior to the Boston bombing?

Could it be possible that he lost them even earlier and he's wearing prosthetic legs in that photo?

Just thoughts there. Not trying to start a fight.

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I give that about as much a possibility as I give fishyculture of becoming the President of the United States of America.

Why would that be so

Why would that be so unlikely, but him lying there, quietly, not passed out and in shock from his intense injuries, not having bled to death and his being put in a wheel chair after being ignored for a while, instead of on a stretcher seem much more reasonable?

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

First off, I have read

First off, I have read testimonies from people who have had limbs blown off from IED's that say his story is much like theirs in the time it took to get helped and being conscious afterwards. There's no doubt he was in shock which is why he wasn't screaming and freaking out. They were not at a hospital, and as you said time being an important factor, they used what they had available at that time. I'm guessing people need wheelchairs after running a marathon and not stretchers most of the time, so makes sense they would have wheelchairs there at the finish line.

The main problem I see with your thinking is that you are focusing on that one day and not taking into consideration the big picture and what it would take to pull off such a thing. Ask yourself how 14 people, including a 7 year old girl, are going to act like they had limbs amputated for the rest of their lives. If these people had amputations before the Boston Marathon, wouldn't all their friends, families, and co-workers/schoolmates know about it? Everyone involved in their life would HAVE to be in on it too. Victims went to 26 different hospitals, so people from 26 different hospitals would have to be in on it as well. Not to mention I see him standing there and then get thrown into the rail by the blast with everyone else in front of the bomb in the video I posted above. Also there is a chilling video of that blast and you can literally see Krystle Campbell screaming in pain for a few seconds before she dies.
this is right after the blast, she's in the blue shirt by the fence


Excellent evidence

but then you declare a verdict.
Understand, I am arguing for TRUTH, not about whether or not this guy was hurt. I accept that I will never know. What I want to know is was there a drill that day? If there was a drill, there were almost certainly actors with fake injuries. Who those actors were is apparently a REALLY good "divide and conquer" issue, but if we determine that the government is continuing that pattern of miraculously timed drills that coincidentally mirror the exact attack that happens, we can force them to stop it.
I am NOT saying "I demand this" I am pointing out that people who declare "This settles it" are usually wrong. There is still room for doubt, and to not leave room for doubt in your own mind leaves you very vulnerable to being deceived. People claiming proof on the one side are ridiculed, banned and called out for it. I'm calling you out for the same "sin" - although at least your sin pleases DPgod.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Oh fishy

So today you say:
"People claiming proof on the one side are ridiculed, banned and called out for it. I'm calling you out for the same "sin" - although at least your sin pleases DPgod.

But just three days ago, YOU said this:
"Have you seen a photo of Jeff Bauman before the accident with two normal legs? I am not "demanding" that, I am saying that would qualify as "proof" he was not acting. He owes me no such proof, but without proof of that sort, the question is left open."

So I provide two photos, one of that very day before the Boston Marathon of him standing holding a sign with both legs visible, and one with him in shorts just so the "I can't see his legs in jeans" couldn't be used. And now you disregard it and are "calling me out" for providing the very "proof" you asked for. As I said the other day to you in your trojan horse thread that got 403d, you obviously are only out for truth if it fits your preconceived theories and you've made that obvious.

mrbengal, try to look for my intent rather than insert yours.

As I stated, the one link you gave me did not work. The other one was in jeans. This is the first time I have seen a photo of Jeff's bare legs, regardless of how many have been posted - this is the first one that lasted long enough for me to see. My OPINION on this has never been stated here. Everyone thinks they know what I think, but I don't know what I think yet, I'm still searching for answers. My "calling you out" is on the claim that the photo is "proof" of anything. It is strong evidence, I stated that. I am trying to point out that having all the evidence in plain view is to everyone's advantage, and if people would present all EVIDENCE as EVIDENCE and not erroneously declare it "proof" it would be a good thing.
Can you provide evidence to debunk the coach's claim of a drill that day, or evidence that there was a drill, either way? That is far more important to me than any of the details of who suffered what injuries.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

How have

the mods not censored you yet? lol JK. Funny how your post is deleted, but this one stays up.....
Oh yeah, because this view lines up with those of the mods :)

Ron brought the Liberty movement together, Rand is expanding the crap out of it! :)

How old was he is that pic?

He looks 16.

If there were actors,

it was only because the media in general, and CNN in particular are either too lazy to, too broke to, instructed not to, or lack the opportunity to get real footage. There is plenty of proof that the media, especially CNN makes up most of its on-scene reporting.

Do you know anyone who has said there were no injuries?

Other than a couple people who are trolling, and acting like asking any questions is the same as declaring there were no injuries.
Maybe I missed those posts, the ones I manage to catch before they disappear ask questions, don't make any claims at all.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

yeah, i haven't seen this substantiated here on the DP.

this sounds mostly like people putting words into other people's mouths.

Just go read through the

Just go read through the comments on any Boston related post. There are many people who claim that the blood was fake, and that Jeff Bauman is actually some other military guy who lost his legs (whose name I can't remember) and that the injured were all crisis actors.

Those people who believe the injuries were fake do exist here on the DP.

Now, I tend not to believe most of the theories because I'm not convinced by the evidence. I do not however put them out of the realm of possibility. But I've read many people's comments about fake injuries and it makes me ill to think people could be that warped and distorted. I know people who were there and who witnessed the explosions and the panic and the injuries.

Asking questions is good. Denying that real people got injured just because you don't happen to know them is living in a fantasy world.

I think both theories are very applicable.

Were already injured actors placed on-scene to "identify" the "suspects"? Quite possibly, but at the same time, real people were obviously hurt. Based on the casualties and injury count, though, I also think there's credence to the theories that fake blood was used. Does that mean some of it isn't real? Of course not.

But just like 9/11, fireballs from plane crashes wasn't enough. They needed explosives for their "Shock and Awe" snuff film to have the desired effect on the public. Sure, bombs going off in Boston are scary, but CNN/FOX/MSLSD zooming in on a large spatter of red for three hours after the event really drives the point home for these cabalists.

"The state is the great fictitious entity by which everyone seeks to live at the expense of everyone else."
-Frederic Bastiat

But is asking if people were injured denying they were?

And is presenting evidence that there MAY have been actors, and SOME of the injuries MAY have been faked a "theory" or part of looking at all the facts?

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.



This thread was one I noticed, but these views are not limited to these forums, or people who actively post on these forums.

The "lurkers" have opinions too, and this thread is for all to see.

I'm not saying there were no actors present; I am open to any possibility if it can be proved, but people were hurt and the bombs were real.

Yeah, I think that guy was trolling.

I think he was being sarcastic, trying to make any asking of questions into a denial of any injuries. Maybe he was serious, and I read it wrong.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.