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The stupid question.

Many are taught in public schools that there is no such thing as a stupid question, and that you should never stop asking questions. This is garbage.

So what is a stupid question? A stupid question is one that has already been answered but is repeatedly asked anyway.

It is not considered investigative knowledge seeking to repeatedly seek answers, and disregard them in favor of your fantasies.

This shows an inability to comprehend or hidden agenda.

Stupid is as stupid does.

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The Stupid Post

Some would say there is no such thing as a stupid post, that all posts are an expression of what is going on in the mind of the author. Then I saw a post that pronounced that all questions had been answered, although the post provided no links to any answers to anything at all, merely a string of generalized attacks on a broad swath of people.
I find that in every post, I can learn something, even if I do not come to the conclusion the author desired.
For every rule, there is an exception: This is an utterly useless post. No fresh insight, nothing resembling news, no ideas for how to increase the liberty that humans enjoy... just a stupid, whining post.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

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None of that and not an attack on anyone. Just helping some people understand how to reason.

Apparently, you have no interest in reason which does not surprise me.

I also wanted a permanent post I could redirect people to who completely ignored answers and facts in favor of their internal fantasies.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Your post has not one fact nor answer!

Tell me, wolfe, do you wear sheep's clothing?

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

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You think it is smart to ask a question after it has been answered?

What would you call someone who asked "what is 2+2?" and answered 4, to ask that question again? Would you rightfully assume that their intelligence or agenda is to blame?

That is a fact.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Which question has been answered?

You were not asking 2+2, you are obliquely insulting those who are asking questions about the official story of the Boston bombing.
So, if you have answered all those questions, I missed it. Tell me, was there a drill that day or not?

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

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That is not true.

And typical of your tactics. First, I gave a very well laid out answer to why the theory was illogical and insane.

Second, your "questions" have been answered many times by many different people. How many times before they sink in?

And yes, because of that, I called you an idiot. Which to my mind is a compliment and an insult to legitimate idiots all across the world.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Perhaps you can't read? I said

A straight answer with some links to back up your claims would be "an answer." What you keep offering is "dodging the question."

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.


There are times when one thinks they have answered the question, but they didn't. Sometimes people don't comprehend the answer, it's true. Very often, however, the "answerers" think they have answered when they have not. So -- who gets to decide when the question has been answered and whether the stupid person is the one who tried to answer or the one who is still waiting for an answer?

IMO (opinion alert), a stupid question is one that is asked only for the purpose of putting other people down (some of you may have heard the saying, "many questions are really just statements in disguise" -- and often they are not disguised very well).

Now here's a question for anyone who wants to answer, as we attempt to bring this thread in line with the DP theme of liberty. Are we free to ask questions, good or stupid, in this country? Is that a liberty we enjoy? (Oops, that was two questions). I promise not to ask these questions again if someone actually answers them. Oh wait -- that reminds me...sometimes "answered" questions are really only opinions, which might leave the question open. Or using wolfe's nomenclature, turning the question into a stupid question. But I'll start off the answering of these two questions with my two answers: yes and yes.

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Your answer:

(But first, I agree that many questions are a statement in disguise(put downs, fallacious statements, etc), and those I would also agree are stupid questions.)

"Are we free to ask questions, good or stupid, in this country?"

Yes, of course. And people are also free to call you an idiot if it is stupid. Furthermore, does it benefit you or anyone else to ask a stupid question? Nope.

Hidden Question: "Are we free to ask good or stupid questions on the DP?"

No. Good or stupid, its Michael's property so it is at his whim.

"Is that a liberty we enjoy?"

No. Liberty is not libertine. Respect for other people's property is key. You are free to do as you wish, so long as it does not violate other peoples rights.

Lastly, these questions, unfortunately have 100% opinion based answers. If you ask a socialist, you will get a different answer than asking an anarchist.

My reference to stupid questions are ones that are factual in nature or can be properly reasoned out.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -


Glad we agree on the disguised statement thing.

Sure, we can call somebody an idiot if we think their question is stupid, but it's probably good to remember that that doesn't mean they actually are an idiot or that the question was stupid, just that we think so.

Not sure why the question "Are we free to ask good or stupid questions on the DP?" was qualified as "Hidden Question". It was asked openly.

Michael has made the DP a public forum, which means he opened invited everybody to the party and never said "intellectuals only please." "Whims" can easily begin to take the form of censorship. And of course, he has the right to whims or censorship -- but there will be criticism of that, particularly by the folks who tend to populate a liberty-loving site.

Since asking questions is a matter of free speech, I think I'll keep such speech classified as a matter of liberty; not just libertine. Not sure respect for property rights entered into this, unless you are suggesting that since the DP is Michael's "property" we can't ask any stupid questions here (as defined by you or anyone else) -- in which case a LOT of people here have been tromping all over his property rights a LOT for a LONG time. But I agree that respect of others' property is a key value but we would probably define the parameters of that generalization a bit differently. So be it.

Lastly, your observation about the opinion based answers is DEAD ON! If I answer differently than a socialist or anarchist, has the question actually been answered -- in such a way that to continue to ask it would render the question stupid? In my OPINION -- even though it has been answered several times (by me, the socialist and the anarchist), the question is still a valid and good question. So thanks for helping me illustrate something important.

It's good you clarified that your stupd question post has only to do with factual questions that have been answered. But then, which ones are we talking about? They must be constrained to those questions for which the facts are knowable and known and communicated. Unfortunately, much of the time with recent events, this is not the case. So those questions which have been answered factually are a very small, small set.

The one I got from

a pissed off cop. "You're a smart ass, aren't you?"

How do you answer that, if you say "yes" then you are confirming his assessment, if you say "no" then that's the answer all smart asses give!

Only thing I can think of is to say "I don't think I am, are you?"
(I didn't say the last two words at the time - always later that I come up with what I SHOULD have said).

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Do you still beat your wife? I can't believe I got sucked into that cheap joke. :)

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

how about..

I know you are but what am I?

Daughter of 1776 American Revolutionists

"I'd rather be a smart ass than a dumb ass"

might get you a wood shampoo.

There are no stupid questions,

only stupid people. - Mr. Herbert Garrison