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Student Hero Jeff Bliss Is A Ron Paul Supporter !

JEFF BLISS, Duncanville Teen whose classic rant went viral, is a RON PAUL supporter. He talks about the doc being his biggest role model ... who stands up for liberty. See 9:40 mark:


Official interview talking about what really went down at Duncanville.
Thanks for the link, RonPaul4Prez2012


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One year ago, 16 year-old Justin Hallman, another inspiring young man created this excellent video for his American government class and scored 128%.

Ron Paul - There is Still Hope (School Project)


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    Jeff has his head screwed

    Jeff has his head screwed properly. He needs to lead.

    The teachers aren't paid

    to care...their paid to translate and forward the State sponsored BS!

    Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

    How is this different from 98% of any other job....

    In America?

    Liberty is spreading like

    Liberty is spreading like wildfire

    Like every kid

    Like every kid with a "smart-ass" phone today.
    Jeff got what he wanted.
    His 15 minutes of fame.
    Maybe some Hollywood producer will "notice" you and offer you your very own "reality" T.V. program.
    Congratulations Dude, You are famous, "say cheese".

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    Why is this videotaped?

    Every day across America kids are back-talking the teacher for a variety of reasons. I must ask "Why is the vid. on record?"
    What's with that?
    Now, he doing an interview...Why?
    I am not impressed with this kids rant, it seems to be "staged" for some kind of "PUBLICITY".
    If the teacher is NOT motivating the student, then go to the principal and complain...there is a chain of command.
    Lately, I've noticed a TREND in society, with new "evaluation" systems for grading teachers, and also notice how in many recent videos/movies...It is the teacher's fault syndrome taking place.
    Parents love it, to blame the teacher because it gets them off the hook. "Johnny it's not your fault you are a total failure, it's the teacher's fault"...He/She doesn't like you, isn't motivating you, blah, blah, blah.
    Nowadays, the teachers have got to stand on their heads, do magic tricks, or something just to get Johnny to want to come to class and sit down with pencil in hand. What's with that?
    Help the teacher (if you're so damn smart) and encourage your peers to "get their asses in line" and stop creating problems in the classroom. Maybe you and your "idiotic peers" have created a very hostile environment in the classroom and the teacher is burned about from this crap, it is almost summer you know.
    Geez, society sure has gone down the rat-hole and is in deep doo doo when this kind of crap get on National News and Goes Viral.
    What the hell does that mean...It's gone VIRAL?
    Why is it VIRAL?
    I say this smart ass kid needs to get his ass out of school and get a job...He looks like he hasn't worked a day in his life, except typing on his laptop from his bedroom, if you can call that work.
    Is the class too easy and you are making an A, and feel unchallenged?
    Is this kid that passionate about other issues?
    Why is this being videotaped? So many questions before I give this guy the "Jefferson Award".

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    There is always one in every crowd.

    I suppose you live a very sad, closed, self-righteous, and lonely life.

    I suggest you view another thread that was posted here a couple of days ago.

    "This is water" would do you a world of good.

    btw, thank you for your opinion, such as it is.

    its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
    Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
    9/11 Truth.

    Why is it videotaped?

    Just about every kid has a smartphone these days, and a lot of them record stuff during school (mostly pranks and fights). It has been commonplace for several years at this point.

    Also, I noticed how you attacked the kid's looks (while making assumptions about his work habits and how he spends his free time), yet didn't (couldn't?) attack his arguments.

    Sorry, but I don't buy the argument that teachers need to be respected. Respect is earned, and when all a teacher can do is sarcastically say "bye" as a response to every question, then is that teacher deserving of respect?

    Also, "gone viral" means that a lot of people viewed it within a short timeframe. Welcome to the twenty first century.

    A signature used to be here!

    Do not put words in my mouth

    "Sorry, but I don't buy the argument that teachers need to be respected"...these are NOT my words, they are yours.
    Go back and read my comment, this time do it slowly so you can "hear" what I am saying, OK
    What is this kid's motive?
    There is a "chain of command" and he is not following it, he should go to the principal first, then the principal's supervisor, usually the superintendent, or school board.
    Get other "concerned" peers/families involved.
    What with this? GOING VIRAL?
    Of course I know what "going VIRAL means" I'm using this terminology to get others to ask...."WHY" is it going viral, what's the purpose, motivation, etc. So many questions.
    Please do not put words in my mouth,
    Thank you very much.


    I never said you said those words, I was stating that *I* don't buy the argument. Is that clear enough for you?

    Your "motive" is based on nothing but assumptions. Evidence tends to help one's argument.

    With your "chain of command" argument, he still did the right thing by starting with his teacher. You're just skipping that 'link' to suit your POV.

    Did you ever think that maybe, just *maybe* the video went viral because a lot of students feel the same way he does, and perhaps some parents as well?

    A signature used to be here!

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    Respect is ABSOLUTELY earned, Bamobo...

    and easily received once it is given.

    Apparently, mr. diggymo has very limited social skills.

    I would also suggest that he is not very well liked by those that do know him.

    He strikes me as someone who demands respect without returning the favor.

    By the way, didn't Mr. Bliss state that Ron Paul was his biggest role model? I thought so. Perhaps diggymo would like for us to not think of that?

    its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
    Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
    9/11 Truth.

    You know so much

    You know more about me than I know about this "Jeff Bliss" who I made my comment about.
    How did you come to know more about me than I do about him?
    I can see him doing an interview and having his "ranting" episode in the classroom, which I use to make my comments.
    You are one very wise kid, usually known as a typical "SMART ASS", but in today's VIRTUAL world is known as a TROLL.

    ecorob's picture

    Strike a nerve there, did we...


    Your words have made you transparent. People can see right through you.
    This young man (NOT, a kid) is old enough to vote and die for his country.
    I would thank you to remember that and show him some respect.
    I am sure that is very hard for you to do. I am sorry if your children don't love you.

    If you had taken the time to educate yourself rather than just going off you would know that Mr. Bliss was upset because the indoctrination instructor handed out packets without instruction. You would understand that Mr. Bliss asked for instruction because he had a thirst for a knowledge that he did not understand and the "teacher" refused to "teach". I don't blame him. I would be mad, too, for the very same reason.

    He made EXTREMELY valid points. THAT is why the video went "viral". Its because he schooled the teacher AND the country.

    Funny, weird how you don't/won't see that. Are YOU one of these indoctrination fools?

    its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
    Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
    9/11 Truth.

    It's Been My Experience

    that schools in Dallas are terrible. I have known lots of kids in Dallas and they were all pretty ignorant. The school system is corrupt there big time. I suspect it's nationwide though. Just ask Charlotte Iserbyt.


    Ron Paulers are not

    Ron Paulers are not Extremists.

    We're "Radicalized Maximum Extreme" RME!

    Get it strait. Yes we're making fun of the labelers now. I got the idea from watching Charlie's Angels 2.

    If he was an overachiever 13 year old in the 10th grade class...

    ....he'd have a lot more credibility.

    Why is this kid who is 3 years behind where he should be such a hero? Sorry but if he is a Ron Paul follower we all should aspire to, this country has zero chance against the globalists.

    All this kid is is someone who is wanting to get attention. He is way out of line getting in front of a class full of kids, criticizing a teacher for her style. He'd be better off, complaining to the school board or the superintendent.

    You all should know better how public school teachers more than ever aren't allowed to really teach. They have to instead stick to the globlalists rule book.

    If the kid was a Ron Paul supporter and had half a clue, he'd know that.

    You Are Missing The Whole Point

    Emily, The kid is AWAKE and calling out the teacher for what she really is. I love it that someone that young gets it and speaks out about it.


    ecorob's picture

    Not only is she missing the point...

    she is doing it all by her lonesome.

    If I've ever been voted down here 18 times for one comment, I would seriously do a little more research to prove my point.

    Good luck with that, em.

    Mr. Bliss' number 1 role model is Dr. Ron Paul!
    He has that in common with everyone here (except em & dig)!

    its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
    Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
    9/11 Truth.

    This kid speaks from the heart

    Who cares how far "behind" he is in the artificial reality of public schools. He spoke truth from the heart. You pretend to know his motivations, this shows how shallow and judgmental YOU ARE!

    When a teacher is out of line then they are fair game to be put back into line. Teachers who relish arbitrary power should be called out just like anyone else. The students have a right to be treated fairly and with respect, if teachers cross that line then student have a right to stand up for themselves. I hope this video inspires more kids to get out of line when the situation calls for it. This society needs a lot more DIRECTNESS and COURAGE and lot less complaining to arbitrators. Going to the school board to expect fairness is like expecting a judge to believe the word of "civilian peasant" over a "law enforcement officer".

    "All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent."
    Thomas Jefferson

    What grade he's in

    isn't necessarily an indicator of his intelligence, or credibility. By that logic, those with a college degree are automatically more credible than those without, regardless of the opinions espoused by either. Why not judge his credibility based on his words and actions?

    *Why* is the kid behind a few grades? I don't know, but I'm not going to assume it's because of his intellect, because he seemed to know what he was talking about with that teacher.

    Also, you're making an assumption as to why he did what he did. Care to back it up with anything?

    Finally, not every public school follows some "globalist rule book", nor are they all filled with zombies. Not every situation is a worst case scenario.

    Perhaps you should join him on that quest for that elusive half a clue.

    A signature used to be here!

    I saw on a news report

    That he dropped out for a year, then decided to finish.


    I didn't know that part. Thanks.

    A signature used to be here!

    I Knew it from the moment I

    I Knew it from the moment I saw the video. This is exactly what we all in the liberty movement have been doing for years, "Planting Seeds."

    Be proud of your commitment to the cause my friends. This is an intellectual revolution that will take time and these type of folks are who we are raising to become the free thinkers of a free world.

    This is yet just more proof that we are doing the right thing.

    Yup.. already assumed he was

    Yup.. already assumed he was a liberty lover.


    I had to watch 10 mins before he starts talkng about Paul. Can you list the timecode next time?


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    Sorry, didn't know your time was so valuable...

    Its all about you, right?

    "This is water," would do you a world of good. Look it up!

    its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
    Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
    9/11 Truth.

    hey, aren't all the smartest cookies in the room, r3VOL?

    so warms my heart!


    Predictions in due Time...

    "Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

    Here is the whole incident minus the interview.


    The whole thing is epic.