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Conspiracy Theory? Texas launches criminal probe into plant explosion; paramedic arrested

Hours after a West paramedic was arrested for possessing a destructive device Friday, the Texas Rangers and McLennan County Sheriff’s office launched a criminal investigation into the fatal fertilizer plant explosion that he responded to last month.

But authorities have yet to say whether the arrest of 31-year-old Bryce Reed was related to the April 17 explosion at West Fertilizer Co. that killed 15 people, including 12 men who were responding to the fire. Reed made an initial appearance in federal court in Waco on Friday but did not enter a plea. Assistant U.S. Attorney Mark Frazier would not release further details about the charge.

The State Fire Marshal’s office has not determined – or ruled out – whether the fire was a criminal act or accidental. The agency also has not determined the cause of the fire that preceded the deadly explosion, believed to have been fueled largely by ammonium nitrate kept at the plant. Rachel Moreno, a spokeswoman for the agency, said Friday she could not comment on Reed’s arrest.



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Why are people calling this a conspiracy? Or "official story?"

They are still doing a freaking investigation and there is no official story!

But hey don't let me interrupt 24/7 conspiracy fantasy time.



Which official story am I required to believe, as a truth seeking liberty lover? It gets so hard to know which lie I am supposed to swallow these days, "for liberty."

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.



Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

He must be the one that fired the missile.

Which means he probably did so from an invisible alien space craft.

Which means he's probably an illuminati reptillian.

Look at his mug shot! His eyes are yellow colored and his pupils are vertical slits! It's IMPOSSIBLE that his friends and co workers did not notice this.


Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

Sharkhearted kept saying it was a missile

and I kept disagreeing with him, telling him it was heat from one of the other tanks. What if he was right all along? Would the mod who condemned his theory apologize. Will all the others who laughed at him apologize?

I will be the first to say sorry, if it turns out he's right.

I really doubt it.

As far as I could make out from the grainy, shaky video was rapid gas expansion that ignited from the perimeter in.

This is consistent with ammonium nitrate when it reaches a certain high temp and suddenly goes volatile. The perimeter source of ignition was the ground fire. So basically I was seeing a gas jet as a lot more material reached critical temp.

A missile at that range and from that perspective might have looked like a pin prick of light.

I consider the missile theory to be the fantastical conjecture of fatigued minds.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

I wouldn't

I didn't get on his case for the missile thing (though I still think it's asinine) but rather the way he went about it.

Basically, I think sharkhearted is to "DIY-CSIers" what PatriotsUnderGod is to Christians; every negative stereotype for each of the 'groups' they identify with rolled into one.

(also, wasn't me who downvoted you)

A signature used to be here!

Why would someone down vote this? Don't people apologize if

they are wrong anymore? Or does someone just like to down vote all of 'Ralphie's' comments?

Yes, ralphie.

I have had a couple people that I am pretty sure put me on the "friend" list so they would know whenever I said anything. I found the most inane comments being downvoted since that feature was added. When I realized people were going to that much effort to try to discourage me, well, it kinda' made my head swell. I take a little pride in anonymous downvotes and obvious trolling now, means I'm making the right people unhappy.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I might owe Sharkhearted an Apology

Too soon to now, but he was the guy that kept saying a missile or something was in that video.
They may be setting this paramedic guy up, or he could have easily tossed a pipe bomb or set one down at this plant. Didn't they have a drill there earlier in the day? I'm not sure if they did, but one of y'all can go look it up to prove me wrong.

No The Drill

was in the outskirts of Fort Worth 70 miles away. They cancelled it though when the plant blew up to be on alert for the real thing.



Hadn't heard there was a drill around this one, but well...


thanks for the tip