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Boston Massacre 2013 - screenplay & film

I want to write a screenplay and film ASAP an alternative account of what happened in Watertown, Boston on April 19th.

If the Spirit of 1770
Were Truly Still Alive
Then surely there'd occur
Another Boston Massacre

Below is a synopsis of BOSTON MASSACRE 2013. Needs to flesh out, but there's not much point if there's no infrastructure to help build it. That means, producer, director, with the know-how to get this prject off the ground and running within days. Now's the time to get it going, not years from now when it won't make a difference. Let's shoot it in by memorial day and get it to print before the Fourth of July.

HERE's the gist:

Chris Haddix is an Afghanistan vet. He'd seen it all over there. Bodies of women and children. American bullets in them. Injured by an IED. Invalided back to Walter Reed. Discharged. In and out of the VA. Haddix is a descendant of slaves. More unemployed than not. Kicking around Boston, looking for work, getting in trouble. Known to the police. Too young to be tired of life. But feeling it more and more.

CUT to the Boston Marathon. The bomb. The chaos. The horrific scene. Its got nothing on a bad day in Kandahar, but its America, after all. Its America...

CUT to the FBI HQ. Briefings with national guard officers, FBI, AFHE, DHS. Private contractors in black. Red Circles on big powerpoint projected maps. Orders rattled out to team leaders.

"At a moment's notice, we're initiating theatrewide security lockdown in... this area." "Mandatory?" "Voluntary shelter in place. But, you know what voluntary means. Zero tolerance for noncompliance. You and your people are trained for this. You know what to do."

CUT a flashback. Haddix at a DHS gun range. Firing at paper cutouts. Familiar silhouettes. But then, unfamiliar ones pop up. Silhouettes of a man holding a box; a couple holding hands; a woman. Haddix drops his gun barrel. His superior watches from afar. Haddix notices, and opens fire.

Good. A kill shot on each.

More silhouettes. Full colour. A man driving a car. A woman walking a dog. A child chasing a ball. Haddix drops his gun barrel again. No kill shots this time. His superior steps over. Another cutout pops up behind the mother holding an infant -- a Taleban fighter.

"You hesitated, and two of your fellow officers are dead," he remarks coolly." "You didn't pull the trigger, and they're dead." Haddix's barrel pings the floor. "I'm not passing you in this course until you get your priorities straight..."

Haddix fights it every night. "This ain't Afghanistan. I'm home now. I'm home."

If the Spirit of 1770
Were Truly Still Alive
Then surely there'd occur
Another Boston Massacre

CUT to the 20 block of Watertown, 19th of April 2013. Trembling female voiceover on a shaky iphone video from a 2nd storey window. "Oh my God-d-d-d... they're everywhere. Ev-v-v-verywhere..."

"STAY AWAY FROM THE WINDOWS!" Iphone creeps right, peers downward shakily. Face-to-face with a guardsman's rifle barrel directed right at her. Iphone rips away with a gasp, still filming the floor.

Muffled male voice from beyond. "Go away. You don' belong here!"

"YOU! GET BACK INSIDE!" orders a guardsman. Iphone cautiously creeps up to window sill, turns left, down toward Neighbor on front porch.

"No! This ain't Iraq! This is America!"


Female whispers: "Chico. My God.... Listen to them. Listen!"

Neighbor persists. "No! You got no right to do this!"


CUT to DHS training. Powerpoint overhead. Grim ex-soldiers, contractors bite pens, tap fingers on desk as narrator describes anti-terror drills.

"The enemy on home soil is nothing like the enemy abroad. They are unrecognizable in every way. In manners, habits, dress. Legally, they're citizens and entitled to access to our justice system. But their actions are enemy actions, acts of war. In this kind of conflict, the lines get blurry. Its up to us to make, out of 50 shades of grey, a crystal-clear black and white line. And lemme make clear: We cannot afford to douvt ourselves for one second, and thereby fail in our sworn duty."

CUT to the LOCKDOWN. Red highway signs flashing lockdown messages to Boston bound traffic. Footage of families forced out of homes, hands on their heads. Gun barrels at the ready for every barking dog.

CUT to Chris Haddix, waking up late, shuffling across stretch of lawn bring in a garbage can. A neighbor shouts from a nearby window."Whatt're ya doin' outside, Chris?! Get in! Get in!"

Haddix is confused at the frantic motioning. Hears the phone ringing. Picks up. Its a reverse 911 call reminding civilians of the shelter in place. Haddix learns his street is one of the 20 blocks. He calls Benny, a neighbor and old timer who fought in Vietnam, who sputters contempt in the phone.

"This ain't a manhunt, this is martial law. They're testin' us. Didn'tcha watch video of that damned bombing?"

CUT to footage of eyewitnesses saying, "I've run ten marathons here, this was the first time I ever seen so much security. They're everywhere! And yet, still a bomb went off!"

"Yeah. Men in black swarmin' the place. On rooftops, in the crowds. They all got the same backpacks. Even the labels are the same as the bomb's bag....

"Whadda they think we are? Stupid?!"

CUT to scene of defiance on another block. A truck driver unfurls a gadsen flag and stands on his front lawn. "GET INSIDE AND OUT OF SIGHT!" screams a DHS officer.

"Where the hell you think you are?!" the man shouts back.

FBI mutters into his transmitter, "We got resistance on 12 Water Street, over." Response: "Overcome resistance and proceeed."

DHS and ATFE officers wave gun barrels at houses. "HEADS DOWN! CAMERAS OFF! YOU HEAR ME!?"

CUT to Haddix and Benny, crossing street together to other houses, organizing resistance. More and more people see them darting from house to house, and soon a large group of men and women are with them, American flags, baseball bats, tire irons, and the whole lot.

Haddix says, "We know there ain't no terrorist on our street, but they're comin' anyway. This is our street. This is our town. This is America. An' we're not gonna give it up, are we?"

The crowd nods and mutters "Nah" "No way" in unison.

CUT to a print of the original Boston masscre, voiced over with John Adams' description of the victims as "a motley rabble of saucy boys, negros and molattoes, Irish teagues and outlandish jack tarrs." ZOOM in on the image of CRISPUS ATTUCKS falling backward on receiving shots to the chest.

CUT back to Private Contractors in black backed up by DHS and AFTE officers aiming a line of gun barrels at Chris Haddix, Benny, and the rest of the neighborhood, holding American flags and standing behind a street barricade of poles, boxes, traffic cones, and brandishing stones and baseball bats.


"There's no terrorist here. This is our street!"


"You're not the police! Who are you?"


INSERT Iphone video of the standdown. CUT to DHS officer speaking on transmitter: "We got resistance on Blake and Brewster."

Response: "Use all measures to secure the area."

DHS officer: "Resistance is armed."

Response: "You have been trained for this. Resistance aids enemy combatants."

CUT to DHS Training room: "Civilian resistance, even passive resistance, aids an enemy combatant, which can endanger a fellow officer. We have ZERO tolerance for resistance that aids the enemy. A resistor is an enemy and has forfeited all rights of protection. Am I clear?"

CUT back to Chris Haddix and the stand-off.

"You're not coming down our street!"


Haddix: "Go! Just go! Prove to me this is still America!"

CONTRACTOR in Black peering through gun site spots something being raised. A boy with a broomstick handle turns and points it at the officers. Contractor's single pupil dilates.

If the Spirit of 1770
Were Truly Still Alive
Then surely there'd occur
Another Boston Massacre

CUT to the Old State house in Boston center, as a crackle of gunfire erupts and echoes over the city.

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