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Cody Wilson Responds To Congress Shutting Down Website With 3D Printer Gun Designs


More developments.. enjoy.

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Comparison to other munitions would have been great

He got me to think these thoughts, when he was saying how he needed to be careful in the company's response to the government, because the government might be thinking about banning all CAD files.

This reminded me of the prior ban on encryption technologies, where the government termed this new form of mathematics a "munition".

I remember in the 90s someone printed an encryption algorithm on a t-shirt, and wore it in an airport as a protest.

I wonder if we'll see CAD files printed on t-shirts soon?

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Here is the embed for full view...


Ron Paul is My President

Way to go Cody WIlson!

Great interview. He comes across as intelligent and knowledgeable with a touch of sarcasm.

And the smile. I loved it!

Ron Paul is My President

He had a month and 10 days to prepare for this event...


Pandas can't drive.

Rock on Cody!

Way to re-direct at the end of the interview, to get out that important rebuttal against the gun-grabbing legislator instead of being led down a boring wind-down by the host!

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.

good thing I already downloaded the gun

If i ever get a 3-d printer I will print one up and try it out.

Befree....was it encrypted?

Do you know if it was encrypted, the download.

can't believe how INGENIOUS this was!!

it was a zipped file

I don't remember if it was off of an encrypted download site but I think not. Inside the zip file I can read all the text files and images. I don't have a cad program currently installed so I haven't looked at it in its entirety yet. But, it does not appear to be encrypted.

Never Mind

The video is currently unavailable. Apparently, Google's censors don't appreciate the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution. LoL

Never mind as I now see the video ...

AWESOME!!! AWESOME.....Young man!

GOSH, it just makes me feel GIDDY having a smart and INNOVATIVE guy like this on the side of liberty.

He reminds me of STEVE JOBS so much....the pc had already been invented but Jobs came along and made it better.

So did Cody.....he innovated and made guns and mags better for Liberty!