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Nice article in the local paper regarding the return of my property

Good article in our local paper. They have their panties in a wad downtown, I hear.


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Great comments on the article - shows how ridiculous

this all is.

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Name names

If you can, publish a list of the thugs who participated in the raid, those who sent them, those who thought up the idea to go after you, etc.

Of course, try the legal avenue as much as possible but if that path is blocked, ensure that others know who these scum are so that we don't hire or socialize with them.

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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The comments are so encouraging!

It seems as though your area is becoming aware of the state of things.

Those Stupid Cops

should have to pay for the damages themselves. Not the taxpayers. Although I guess the taxpayers pay the stupid cops so either way it sucks. I hope it's a sheriff's department so they can vote the scumbag out there. Good luck to you!


Not to be too nosy

but how much of your inventory have you gotten back so far?

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16 boxes so far

enough to fill the bed of a toyota pickup. we are getting the rest of it back on Monday.