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UPDATE: video-Mystery Aircraft Frightens Quincy, MA Residents-Govt. Knows, But Won't Tell City Officials

snippets from article:

A mystery in Quincy continues to deepen: Who is flying around the city from dusk to dawn, for the past ten days or so?

Every night for nearly the last two weeks, residents have spotted a low-flying aircraft doing loops over the city. WBZ has learned the FAA knows what’s going on, but the agency isn’t telling.

It’s not the state or local police doing the flying, and the FAA is giving out little information, even to city officials.

The aircraft doesn’t appear to be flying when it’s cloudy out, only taking to the skies on starlit nights.

Sources tell WBZ that the aircraft is not a drone, that it is manned. FAA spokesman Jim Peters would only say, “We have to be very careful this time” concerning information.

Obviously when the federal government wants to keep something quiet, they keep it very quiet.

“The FBI does not comment on aerial activity,” a statement from the bureau said.

More: http://boston.cbslocal.com/2013/05/09/mystery-aircraft-frigh...

UPDATE: As I suspected, it had something to do with the marathon bombings: Source: Mystery plane in Quincy was following Matanov


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They are burning hours upon hours of fuel flying over a guy's house 'to surveil' him? haven't they ever heard of a stake out? A few dozen donuts and a few cups of coffee would be a heck of a lot cheaper, wouldn't you say?

I think they just want to play with some toys no matter what the cost to taxpayers. Plus they can get the public used to having low flying planes over our neighborhoods, which makes absolutely no sense in a post 9/11 era.

Source: Mystery plane in Quincy, MA was following Matanov

The mysterious drone-like plane that made overnight loops around Quincy last spring, perplexing a slew of city residents, was being used to surveil Khairullozhon Matanov, a source with knowledge of the case said Friday.



Am I on everybody's block list :) ?

Photos show mystery aircraft over Quincy MA is A Cessna

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This happens to me all the time. It's timing/what time of day you post and how many people are on the site when you post.

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This doesn't add up

If the elected mayor and city council of Quincy are not taking action, then they are betraying their constituents.

Shouldn't they treat it as a threat? Last time I checked, most police departments in major metropolitan areas have one or more helicopters, don't they? Why isn't the mayor insisting the police take action to identify it? An unidentified aircraft flying low and slow over city airspace for several consecutive nights seems like a matter of some concern, does it not? Or is it simply that they know more than they are saying, but are constrained by some other authority to allow it to continue?

And what about the CBS affiliate in Boston? Don't they also have access to a helicopter and a camera? I bet they would if the police were chasing someone on the ground.

If neither the police or the local media are willing to challenge such an event, then they are at least negligent and at most involved in covering it up.

What about residents? Why isn't there footage from a cell phone or video camera? 10+ days and there is nothing on Youtube except people re-posting the CBS news snippet. Something isn't right.

It's as if they're spraying everyone with some drug or poison that reduces the people into just pointing and gawking and then going about their business.

By claiming there is no conspiracy, you prove to those who believe in the conspiracy that you are part of the conspiracy.

That was my first thought, too.

If they want to know, and since it keeps happening, they could send someone up there to find out...or escort it down.

People on land have been pulled over for less.