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Middle School Students Sprayed With Colored Powders (Bizarre Local News)

This is why I can't watch tv anymore...


Green Bay, WI -- Students and families at Lombardi Middle School added some color to their 5K run/walk Friday night... Participants run or walk through four different color stations on the track to get sprayed with that color. It's made with a corn starch and color mixture... The run/walk was hosted by THRIVE, a wellness partnership between the Green Bay Area Public School District and Bellin Health...
watch the video:

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Was this a "Coloreds only" run?

Didn't think that would fly in Wisconsin.

Color runs are apparently all

Color runs are apparently all the rage today with the youth. I never really thought inhaling colored dust while running would be a fun thing.

Southern Agrarian

It looked something like this...


Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.