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5th grade GIRL walked into the classroom shouting she was part of the Illuminati and threatened to kill students

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Lots of rap and hip-hop songs about it. That's how they are

aware of it. I don't think we can blame Alex Jones too much for this one. Lol!


lots of people are convinced that most mainstream rappers are in the Illuminati.

One of the most ridiculous theories yet, to be honest: hypothetically, what on Earth would a group like the Illuminati need Jay-Z for?

I don't play, I commission the league.

It's a marketing technique

among some artists, to generate a buzz. "Ooh, did you see that hand gesture Beyonce did? She's part of the Illuminati! Quick, let's watch all her youtube videos so we can spend days picking apart the lyrics for hidden satanic messages (while boosting Beyonce's popularity on search engines/generating ad revenue)!"

Then you have those who rap against the Illuminati and those who use symbolism associated with it. I dunno, sometimes it seems like the 21st century version of 'east coast vs. west coast'

(Before someone points me to the "even George Washington talked about the Illuminati!" video; I know the Illuminati *was* a real secret society back in the late 18th century.)

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The kids informed me of illuminati awareness at their school.

They said sure, almost all the kids know about the Illuminati who are part lizard and who fly around in invisible space craft and they control everything and they are evil. Sure that's what they do, the Illuminati, everybody knows that.

Of course their peers understand NOTHING about economics, politics, geopolitics, monetary policy, history, simple math, how to bake a cake, or use a screwdriver.....

but they dang sure know all about the Illuminati. Just don't ask them to spell it or use it in a sentence.

There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.

First rule of Illuminati: Don't talk about Illuminati

Second Rule: Anyone who claims to be a member of the Illuminati, most assuredly is not.


This reflects the average

This reflects the average mental age of the people who think Illuminati rule the world.

Ill do you one better


Kid attempts to murder friend so the illuminati would make him rich and famous..

Unsuspecting, willing, blind, controllable herd
Pawns in a covert game conducted by hands we trust
Dominated, compliant and deceptable
Confident that we matter - we don't see that we're but dust.

-Meshuggah "Dancers To a Discordant System"

Just Curious

What are your thoughts on the CFR?
How about "The Globalist"
I do not believe in an organization called the illuminati, but I sure believe in a group of elitist who get no scrutiny from the media, who control most worldwide foreign policy.


They exist, they bring

They exist, they bring together the most powerful people in the world, they avoid media scrutiny to allow people to speak freely without fear of political repercussions.

Where the conspiracy theorists get it wrong is that they are controlled by these groups. Nothing like it. They are controlled by other political forces, domestic and foreign, they go to these events to talk and make connections with other powerful people. Who wouldn't?

In answer to the obvious, yes, the richest and most powerful people in the world rule it. It is inconceivable that it would be otherwise.

You Should Watch

Ring Of Power


Skippy, I read your thread

Skippy, I read your thread about your father and cannot bring myself to speak harshly to someone who is doing so much for their parent, I respect you for that.

Powerful people control the world, that is axiomatic. They meet and like to talk. They all push their agendas. What you must realize is they don't have ONE agenda. They have many, and often those agendas conflict with each other.

From my POV

'they' are a loose conglomerate of very powerful individuals who are out for themselves, only "teaming up" with other 'elites' when the situation may benefit them. As you say, that's pretty much always been the case, and most people would assume just as much. Some will always seek control over others, no matter the circumstances.

But, for whatever reason, a lot of folks seem to think that the sort of cutthroat behavior so often seen in the business world somehow doesn't apply to those at the top of the chain (nor does the law, apparently), that their actions are 'for the greater good' or some such. Trying to convince people otherwise is usually when the 'crazy' part comes in, IMO.

edit: Of course, those who act as if 'they' all meet up twice a week in some Transylvanian-style castle to plot against humanity doesn't help matters...

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The last part is the easiest

The last part is the easiest to understand. Instead of always having to be politically correct, you get a setting to speak to powerful men and women in an informal way. No media circus allowed, no recorders, you can just network and speak your mind with people who you think might be receptive to your ideas.