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Immediate Action Required For Rand Paul in South Carolina!

IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUIRED: This is a very urgent message regarding a dangerous pro-Lindsey consulting group attempting to be in control of the Rand Paul campaign here in SC called Dark Horse Strategies run by Kerry Wood. He is a traitor to Liberty and was introduced by Chad Connelly, the current SC GOP Chairman on Rand's trip to Israel that Reince Priebus put together. This will have catastrophic consequences to the liberty movement and Rand's run in 2016 in SC! We need social media action this weekend on Rand's and Ron's pages. Dark Horse Strategies is "Pro-Team Graham" and "Traitors to Liberty!"

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Sounds Familiar-

This is very reminiscent of what Rand, Benton and crew did to Ron Paul, and the true liberty movement.

AD in NV

It's happening in CA too

I for ane am watching them put their anti-Rand cards on the table, and so I am preparing to address the issues over the summer and then at our Fall convention, I believe we will be prepared, and will defeat them.

We got

to stop it now!


If you know Rand Paul or someone that is close to him, Please send him this!



"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix


for the bump