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Could Using UKIP's Strategy Make the LP a Contender?

Robin Koerner recently gave this speech at Washington State's "Cascade Liberty Summit" and made some great points on how to make liberty and the LP mainstream.


You can keep up with Robin's latest work at http://www.bluerepublican.org/ - https://www.facebook.com/bluerepublican

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putting parties asside,

putting parties asside, think i'd like to hear more of this guys views, not to sure about the seing others as "customers" bit, but im open to hearing what he means by that and his other views, by understanding where hes coming from, something im hoping more material will reveal.
For me, because ive not yet to see the "new guy" say things i dont vehemently disagree with yet, he has his foot through the door, so to speak

As a former LP member

One of the things that moved me away from the LP is it became OBVIOUS the LP was created by the GOP, controlled by the GOP, to keep issues like marijuana oppressed (for 40 years).

Many here cheer that Ron Paul ran for president in 88 under the LP.. well, I was one of the LP members who didn't appreciate it one bit. I didn't appreciate all the LP members who worked their asses off, get shoved to the side so a REPUBLICAN can slap on a LP pin make a few speaches, and STEAL the nomination.

Independent registered voters have NO REPRESENTATION. They get to vote for who the GOP or DNC give them (and that includes LP and GP candidates).

LP too Republican?

I'm confused. You quit the LP and joined the Republicans because of Ron Paul but were infuriated when he got the LP. I helped recruit RP for the LP and closed the final votes for his first ballot win. Who did you prefer? Russell Means? As I recall, the LP was on the verge of collapse after the Bergland disaster. I know I had to help clean up the mess. Ron Paul's running helped a lot to restore morale and credibility. At least for a while. But I do agree with you about the LP being too "Republican". I "retired" from the LP shortly thereafter so I don't know how it got that way.





I'm not old enough to remember RP running for the LP

but I can tell you that, weather or not the LP is too Republican or the Republicans are more LP than the LP, the problem with the LP is marketing.

Most people have never heard of the LP, while you hear Republican and Democrat everyday.

I've always been a libertarian but just said I was fiscally conservative and socially liberal because I didn't know what a libertarian was.

If the LP ever wants a chance it can't wait every 4 years to start telling people they exist. In my opinion they should hire a marketing firm to get the brand out there year round.

Not exactly

LP 76 - 93
Indy 93- 2011
GOP 2011 - present.

The LP is not "too republican", IMO, It's controlled by the GOP.

Already the LP is looking to run GJ again? That's no way to win.

What's interesting to me moreso, is that when I joined the GOP, my committee never had a quorum.. I saw more people at LP meetings.. NOW.. we have a Ron Paul supporter majority and our GOP is moe LP than the LP is.

It's all about spreading a message for me...

I'm not all that concerned about party drama or winning/losing at this point in time...just as long as we keep spreading the message till we reach critical mass - and Robin Koerner is a great messenger!

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I've been using his strategies and words for the last year to spread the message and he does it brilliantly --- note: the talk wasn't about winning a major election, it's about polling 14%, influencing political races, changing public perception, and getting into the "hearts and minds" (RP) of the people.