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Adam Kokesh Interviewed On Cbs - Dc - Wusa Tv-9


Adam Kokesh is interviewed on a local news channel in the D.C. area. Adam talks about his reasons for planning his DC gun march, what he hopes to accomplish and why those who oppose his march are misguided.

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This was an intelligent interview.

This was an intelligent interview.

(although I still disagree that's the sort of demonstration we'd need in D.C. I'd rather see A MILLION AMERICANS marching over D.C., I'd be over there ANY TIME for that : using our 1st Amendment rights TO HIT at the ROOTS of evil. But anyway.)

It's just the CBS-chosen comments were pathetic. Of course.

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I agree

I agree

I wish 100k would attend.

I wish 100k would attend. That would scare the !@#$ out are government.

WTF did the anchor only read

WTF did the anchor only read negative comments???

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

If not for the adversarial interaction

Kokesh could not rise as high to he occasion

Its a grassroots effort,

Its a grassroots effort, "the people" will be attending, not groups, not labels, not generalisations....."the people".....individuals, where different folk from different backgrounds come together for a common cause, this should just be the beggining of peacefull protests, not uncertain false starts

Personally, as it stands now, think ill be cheering the people, the individuals, putting aside the differences for the common cause....

Kokesh is just spot on...

.. everything he says is just spot on... you can disagree or not with the event, but what he says is 100% spot on.. he's a very good spokesperson for this event. Anyways.. I'm backing this 100%.. the only thing is make sure there are as many video and media there as possible... thousand cameras will be as powerful as a thousand guns... video tape every police officer, national guard, secret service, etc.. be friendly and ask for their name and badge #... remind them of their oath and ask them to join the march! If I had the funds I would fly over armed with a loaded video camera...

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I think it's interesting

While I am like most here who aren't of the ilk to do what Adam is doing. I neither condone it or oppose it.

I don't think he is going to hurt Liberty though. I can see different outcomes happening and the only ones that make me negative towards what he is doing seem to stem from fears. Fear of a provocateur doing something, a stray crazy guy in the march etc... It seems to me these are all "fear" headliners in the news coming up in my own mind. No fear.

Liberty is not the same path for all people. Common ground abounds in Liberty, but in Liberty each has an individual path where they should not either care or seek the approval of others.

Good luck to Adam, I will be watching from afar for that is not my path.

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I think there is a little worry with the whole provocateur thing, but the more I think about it, the provocateur himself (on a the personal level) would have to have some pretty big balls given that he would be surrounded by armed citizens.

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That's why I think it is interesting

we don't know what is going to happen but the worst is feared by those who oppose it, mainly. America may get to witness it if Adam reaches 10K sign ups on his website. And pending it's occurrence, I am certain it will get dissected right here on the DP and I would look forward to hearing that debate.

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I've been on the fence about Kokesh for a while now

But recently the scales have tipped from a slightly positive one, giving him the benefit of the doubt, to decidedly thumbs down.

Without listing all the reasons why in detail? Suffice to say I think he values his own promotion and benefit more than anything else.

He's an attention seeker that makes controversial statements pulls off controversial stunts for (IMO) primarily his own enrichment and glory.

Not a sincere individual. Not to be trusted. Be careful of Adam Kokesh and throwing a lot of credibility and support behind him imo.

I watched his interview with

I watched his interview with Alex Jones and I was impressed. I'll watch this one when I get a chance. I have not thought this would actually happen but Adam is inspired I can see it in his eyes and in the way he speaks and the astute logical and salient points he makes.

Yes this is extremely risky but what's the alternative? Continue to cower in fear and sit on our hands and watch tyranny engulf us entirely?

Adam has won me over this is the kind of boldness and leadership we need. If I can make it to DC I might march with him.

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Who is cowering

in fear?

And who is sitting on their hands? This site is very active and it's not even election season. If you haven't noticed we are making progress. We came VERY close to getting Ron Paul the nomination. His son Rand Paul is ALREADY being talked about as the next president by the MAINstream media. Obama, a very popular Democratic president, just got his but kicked on his high profile gun laws, even after these horrific shooting events we've been through.

Progress? LOL! Tyranny is

Progress? LOL! Tyranny is increasing daily more and more draconian laws are being passed and policy enforcers are beating killing and robbing more and more citizens every day... Some progress.

If you think Rand Paul is going to be president with out completely selling out and swearing fealty to the PTB you are naive.

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70 pounds lost and counting! Get in shape for the revolution!

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Our country

has been in a gradual slide toward tyranny and loss of liberty for a LONG time. You really expect things to turn around on a dime?

This is a marathon not a sprint, and we ARE making small wins that are getting larger. Think how much liberty issues were talked about when Ron Paul ran in '07/08 vs now. Heck he first ran in 1988! You don't think he has made any progress?

Why would you think Rand Paul has to sell out? Ron Paul never did, and he got MUCH closer to becoming president every time he ran.