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'Clan of the Fiery Cross' - How Superman Exposed The Klan

A lesson from history on how to defeat the NWO. From www.freakonomics.com :

Chapter Two of Freakonomics is titled “How Is the Ku Klux Klan Like a Group of Real-Estate Agents?” It deals with the power of information, and more particularly the abuse of information. The K.K.K. part of the story concerns a man named Stetson Kennedy who, in the 1940′s, went undercover and joined the K.K.K. in order to try to dismantle it.

From wikipedia.org:

The (1940s) series (Adventures of Superman) delivered a powerful blow against the Ku Klux Klan's prospects in the northern USA. The human rights activist Stetson Kennedy infiltrated the KKK and other racist/terrorist groups. Concerned that the organization had links to the government and police forces, Kennedy decided to use his findings to strike at the Klan in a different way. He contacted the Superman producers and proposed a story where the superhero battles the Klan. Looking for new villains, the producers eagerly agreed. To that end, he provided information—including secret codewords and details of Klan rituals—to the writers.

The result was a series of episodes, “Clan of the Fiery Cross,” in which Superman took on the Klan. Kennedy intended to strip away the Klan's mystique. The trivialization of the Klan's rituals and codewords was perceived to have had a negative impact on Klan recruiting and membership.


Coincidentally, the first annual Stetson Kennedy festival in Florida was announced today:


The codewords then were things like Klobb, Krock, Kyklops, and other silliness. Today we hear the words Armed Conflict, Compartmentalization, Sustainable Development, Human Resources.

What other ridiculous codewords of the 'illuminati' can be shown to the masses, exposing the underlying silliness of the system?

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