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Zionists Poison Palestinian Water Wells

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Instead of praising Israel

Instead of praising Israel and claiming Israel to be the greatest friend and ally of the US, they should be shunned and spat at for their crimes against humanity. Israel is not our friend. It is not a democracy, nor a republic. It is worse than fascist. It is a leech and parasite on the US.

Zionist = Trouble-makers

+1. zionists are crafty agent provocateurs, false-flag attacks, etc.
the list of their vile vices is very long, - drugs, porno, pimping, seduction, blackmail, threats, murders, etc., & the politicians' bag of marbles are tied to sharp & painful strings. see another thread on DP -

And they should love the

And they should love the Israelis for occupying them since 1967 and colonizing their land? You are a piece of work. Again, you make a mockery of Christ with your ridiculous version of Christianity.

This comment was directed toward Granger.




* Video worth sharing,

+1, thanks for posting, - this should be circulated, clears a lot =

One Christian Woman

Represents all traditional Palestinians?..

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
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