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A Bostonian Tells What REALLY Happened During the Lockdown

They Locked Us Down and Took Our Rights: Boston from Inside the Lockdown

"The thing NO ONE is talking about regarding this lock down is what was happening inside it. You see, part of the lock down obviously involved K9, bomb and drug sniffing dogs. So what was also happening, amid all the chaos, guns and drugs were being taken from people without warrants or rights. The thing is, they weren’t arresting people. They were just sweeping through, and if they happened to find drugs or guns, were removing them. Yes, you read that correctly. And of course you are not hearing about it because what drug dealer (or drug taker) is gonna post on Facebook about how some cops just took his ounce of pot? No one, ultimately granting Boston police with the freedom of recreating Nazi Germany, though on a much smaller scale."

Good read: http://www.eliteagenda.com/eareports/boston-inside-lockdown-...

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And this in the city the Original Tea Party occured!

This is beyond the pale, we need another Tea Party, in Boston Towne, Yet!

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

And Yet We Are Not Allowed To Discuss It

or WHY or HOW it came about here on DP or we will be banned or 403'd.


are you saying posts on

are you saying posts on boston confiscations are being censored? that is a genuine question, unsubstantiated theories and questionable titles are one thing, but censoring stories on witneses reporting on government theft due to unconstitutional searches is another, and i'd be agreeing with ya in that case

What I Am Saying

is that the whole Boston mess stinks to high Heaven just like Sandy Hook. I don't know what happened for sure but I am not going to sit back and accept the official story like I did with 9/11 while they cut into my rights more and more. Isn't it odd that 9/11 happened while they were so anxious to push the Patriot Act. It was already written BEFORE the attack. Now, here's Obama champing at the bit wanting a small arms treaty and viola, Sandy Hook magically gives him a reason, NOW, here I have been hearing for over 2 years that they are wanting martial law and snap bam, here's Boston. Don't you think we should question it? This "Shelter in Place" crap and the fact that it is now spreading scares the hell out of me. So does what I saw those hired goons do in Boston! I can't believe this is such a hush hush subject. If DP had been here in 2001 do you think we would have been allowed to talk about 9/11 being an inside job or would we be called nuts? I am not saying it was staged, I am not saying it wasn't, I am saying it scares me that it is being so hush hushed. I have had posts 403'd for saying stuff LIKE THIS.


There's a difference

between not being "allowed" to talk about something, and not being "allowed" to push hoaxes/debunked theories because it does nothing but misinform and distract.

Take 9/11 for example. Not too many people have a problem with talking about controlled demolition, Mossad involvement, the dancing Israelis, Building 7 and all that because it can at least be backed up with evidence, motive, and in some cases, black and white proof.

Would you rather make 'asleep' people aware of those things, or tell them that there were no planes and no deaths, and that the whole thing was done with holograms? Or tell them that an orbital laser did it?

It's the same idea with Boston. I doubt that anyone here wants anything but the truth when it comes to the reasons behind Boston, but the 'fake injuries/deaths' angle is along the same lines as saying the planes being holograms, IMO.

edit: saw your response below. I didn't know about that part.

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s/he's exaggerating

Not that people on the DP go around blowing things completely out of proportion or anything like that. Oh ho ho no, perish the thought! ;)

The only Boston threads that (I've seen) get 403'd are of the debunked fake blood/fake actors/fake everything variety, and threads from some people who keep making posts complaining about the aforementioned threads being deleted.

On the flip side, that Jive Dadson guy seems to have a knee-jerk reaction to just about every Boston-themed thread, so skippy d's post probably wouldn't be too far off if Jive had his way.

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I Am Exaggerating? Okay

I posted a thread more playfully than anything about how Fishy should volunteer to be a mod. It was 403'd, then she wrote a thread saying it had been 403'd and THAT was 403'd. On that thread I responded to say I was surprised about that and that I thought she and Michael were friends that I thought she would make a good mod, and that good put into a thread by Jon calling the comment "contentious" but not allowing anyone to respond to his thread. This will probably be considered contentious too though so apparently I need to be careful what I say around here unless I am talking social network subjects. Whatever. DP hasn't been right since Boston IMHO.


I didn't see that mod thread

If that's the case, then you may be on to something, and I apologize for being dismissive of your complaint. But like I say, I can only base my opinion on what I've witnessed.

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No Problem

I am just getting worried about the way things are going. Jon is the one that posted it. We had other threads 403'd too. It seems to be the thing to do right now. Go ask Fishy!


from another boston resident:

May 3, 2013 at 6:09 pm
I’m a Resident of Boston as well and let me tell you this is EXACTLY how it happened. I would go as far as saying this covers up some of the details. Our neighbor had his house searched at gun point, and when they found nothing, it was a complete wreck! We went in and saw it, they did a lot of damage. It looks like they’re implementing scare tactics as well as intimidation. Horrible. If we don’t stand up now we will be living in concentration camps like Nazi Germany. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

Ah, so another disguised gun confiscation like Katrina...

...only this time it looks like they thought ahead to give themselves cover from an avalanche of tweets & youtube videos showing their flagrant abuses, and/or from angry mobs gathering to confront them.

We, all around New England, had special messages on our social network feeds to (pay attention to this one) to “not disclose police locations through pictures or posts on social networks that could end up compromising the arrests”.

The authorities couldn't really have been too concerned about the suspect knowing where their whereabouts if they were parading through neighborhoods with armored vehicles and loudspeakers commanding people to close their windows and get inside their house and doing door to door raids at gunpoint.

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why am I not surprised?

propaganda media will fail alongside the Nazi government...

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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