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How to beat a dead horse...

This is in regards to the continuing debate about the DP choosing to moderate posts that they have deemed to have 'crossed the line.'

Let me pose a question to those that believe there should be no moderation on the DP.

What if the DP where over-run by Obama supporters? Should Michael do something about it? What if 'RedState.com' mailed all of their members to "register on dailypaul.com and let's drive the conversation!" - Should we allow that?

What if posts started to appear that were downright racist? What if they were getting huge support from the community (+'s)? Should we leave it?

I don't think so.

Also, consider this... when making a post on the DP, it is difficult to choose an appropriate forum. I struggle just about every time. The list of forums is finite and specific for a reason - to keep the community focused... there is no forum called 'conspiracy theories' (or, what is the politically correct term, 'truth theories?')... and they wisely didn't create one during this debate.

The only 'theories' that I have had a problem with have concerned Boston and Newtown. As much as I disagree with the 9/11 stuff, I don't think that should be censored. But when the theories become so insulting to those directly affected by an event, and so embarrassing to the community (and the owner of the site), the guards of the community (Michael and moderators) have to take action.

I don't know why the debate continues.

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