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Our Bullsh*t is Gospel Act

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Here's my latest TEXT to my duped neo-con sheeple friend...

...who is currently in the market for a mortgage...who argues against EVERYTHING Ron Paul based on the tide of emotion created by corporate-owned right-wing media!!!

He called me to say his friend's mortgage has already changed hands twice since 2006 or so...he called to justify his stupid love for Kudlow's flip-flopping positions on the FED, and their "righteous" management of "selling money" to people who need it!

Federal Reserve Finance 101, ready? The note/contract you sign is called a "mortgage-backed security", that piece of paper is a hot potato that is passed around Wall Street, banks pay millions in lobbying to guarantee a FEDERAL GOVERNMENT(tax payer bailout) should a signer of the contract not meet their obligation! When the FED buys a mortgage-backed security from a HURTING bank, that took BAD RISKS, the taxpayers get the BILL plus interest! Go FED? You think this is CONSTITUTIONAL? You think this is GOOD domestic policy? Let the banks FAIL!!! You're an insane hypocrite to SUPPORT this, while opposing SOCIAL welfare!

Praise God for sending us Ron Paul! This coming from ONE patriot now with a credit score in the 400's because I woke up at some 38 years of age, after this economy CROSSED THE POINT OF NO RETURN....a debtor's prison is where I expect to spend my remaining days, and I have less than $60,000 in personal debt...as opposed to the millions upon billions personally assigned to those who recycle the bailout money towards lobbyists who help them continue to chase their tails.

I'll never have $2,500-$3,000 in "disposable" income to file bankruptcy; let alone, my defense, "I didn't know before Ron Paul" is unforgivable! I'm screwed, and we're screwed....this is some serious bull sh*t!!!

he replied;

..."but I am good for it!, unlike YOU"....

So I responded; " I said the same thing while making upper $30k at 84 Lumber in Ann Arbor Michigan .... You have zero SURETY to make good on that note; at least no better than I had when I signed mine. Don't fool yourself. And again, (conservatives who "get it") will blame the BANK who gives you loan, and the dumbass Congress who pledges to back their risky investment in you, in this collapsing economy; that can ONLY be characterized as uncertain and unsustainable WITHOUT QE after QE after QE after QE. Gas prices alone are up damn near 50% in since Ron Paul threw his hat in the 2008 race for POTUS; your wages haven't risen even 1/10th of that(based partly on your attendance and punctuation record), and there's 100% certainly they won't keep pace with inflation during the term of your mortgage....so call it what it is...a RENTAL from the holder of the NOTE!"

[I hope my anecdotal stories from my REAL LIFE are beneficial to the cause, if not but FRUIT of what Ron Paul set out to accomplish]....consider it my selfless contribution!

"the pens of American Patriots, in favor of Liberty.....must NEVER be forgotten"