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US Business Owners Can Be Fined and Imprisoned for Boycotting Israel

The US Dept. of Commerce created anti-boycott laws in the Export Administration Act, to prevent businesses in the US from boycotting countries. Businesses who call for boycotting nations 'they' deem good trade partners can be fined and imprisoned. The way I see it, our entire Congress should be tried for Treason if they vote for sending our Tax Payer dollars to Israel, Pakistan, or India, because the Symmington Amendment of 1961 prohibits them from doing so if these nations are not members of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Act and have nuclear reactors. Iran, on the other hand, has signed the NNPA, have no nuclear weapons and US businesses are forced to Boycott them, because they 'might' try to build nuclear weapons even though there is absolutely no intelligence or inspections to prove this theory. Somebody should question Rand about the Symmington Amendment, since, he appears to have ommited his new found love, Israel, from his foreign funding list?

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Add it to the list of things

Add it to the list of things people think they should be tried for treason for.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

interesting. and don't forget about the kosher tax.