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Rand Paul: Obama is working with ‘anti-American globalists plotting against our Constitution.’

The New York Times calls Sen. Rand Paul (Ky.) one of the Republican Party’s “rising stars.” The Daily Beast says he’s “a smoother, more pragmatic political operator” than his father, former congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul (R-Tex.). All that seems true. So riddle me this: What’s the upside for Paul to put his name on e-mails like this one, which landed in my inbox this morning?
It’s one thing for no-name pols to work on the fringes. But Paul, at this point, has a lot to lose. Yet here he is, suggesting the current president of the United States is working with “anti-American globalists plot[ting] against our Constitution.” And for what?

Because it is true.


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It doesn't have 16 thousand comments

Huffington Post makes that up to make it look like every one cares about their articles.

The libs on Huffington Post ....

have over 16,000 comments on this...


Rand Paul 2016 for Peace

bumping for . . .

relevant information--

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Big bump


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I reslly trust rand the more

I reslly trust rand the more I think I understand his political rhetoric. He said pay attention to my voting record, not my rhetoric. This hopefully could bring the nwo into mainstream politics. I, cautiously, love this dude.

One world, under government, with power and money for the elite

Same Here

Stuff like this gives me hope that he is like his dad but just playing politics to get himself into position to win the nomination. Let's hope. Even if not, by the way, he's still probably the best we've got in congress.

ron did come out and say him

ron did come out and say him and rand are 99% similar. and that was just like a month or so ago. rand is just playing the game to get to the top of the hill for his dad.

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The Major difference between

Rand and the True Statesman Ron Paul is, that Ron will state both parties are conspiring with the Globalist powers to undermine the Constitution, where Rand plays the paradigm of targeting the illusionary opposition Obama and the Dems. Many probably believe he has to 'play the game', but there are many who won't vote for those who fail to provide honesty, such as the empirical fact's prove both parties are 'in the game' together. This type of statement make me think, it's OK for the Republicans to be involved in this scheme, but if it's Obama and the Dems it's a bad deal. That's horsesh!t!!! If Rand really wants to become president, he needs to seperate himself from all the other traitors, not play alone with the false paradigm game. Actually, other than his reasons for not supporting Hagel for DOD, Cruz has taken as much if not more of an independence from the establishment position, especailly when it comes to illegal aliens. I'm not saying I would support either at this time, but Cruz has taken a much better stance on this major issue. Many people fail to realize the overall implications of allowing 3rd world uneducated people, especially from socialist countries, being allowed to reside in our country. Even the educated from India have in all virtually destroyed the former well paid jobs in the engineering fields for Americans. If you look at the average base wage for an engineer and a teacher, the teachers make a higher base. They come over to get higher education, and then work for $30 grand a year, rather than return to India and make $20 grand or 100 thousand Rubles and live in the 3rd world.

2368 comments allready!

It's amazing WApo published Rand's entire email to the tea party!

I've never seen that before!

Wow. This is a hot topic. THANK YOU

OK, watching Rand is getting interesting.

While I enjoyed his very well done swipe at Hillary, it did not impress me a whole lot. A Republican sniping at at Democrat is pretty much "politics as usual."
This is serious truth to power, and I am impressed. Double plate of brownies, Rand.
Oh, I know.... he did this to give the DP regulars something positive to talk about! Frosted brownies, Rand... (How's that for a crazy theory? lol!)

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