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What Things Are Going to Change?

I wonder how much is going to change after the financial collapse. For example, I'm watching a baseball game and I'm wondering how baseball (and sports) will change. There might be multi-millionaires who are no longer rich. Sports might change in general because I'm thinking teams are going to contract (due to lack of people being able to afford them).

As for other random stuff, there will be no more "dollar menu". There might be a lottery winner who hits the lottery the day the crash happens (these things can happen overnight) and so that person might hit the lottery and yet not be rich.

Maybe that's an exaggeration but I know Peter Schiff has said that he thinks the USD will lose at a minimum 50% of its purchasing power. He has talked about the possibility of hyperinflation though. And he's also brought up the idea that a $100 bill might have the purchasing power of $1. So if you had $1 million dollars it would be the equivalent of having $10,000. Crazy!

Anyone else want to throw any other examples out there?