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Pro-Palestinian Ad pisses off Jews and the ADL.

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That's the problem with facts:

That's the problem with facts:

They are so darn stubborn. That's annoying!

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

The problem with the facts are....

there just so anti-Semitic.

Don't be confused by the facts, just stick to the propaganda.

So the ad actually says

So the ad actually says nothing about Israel other than showing how its borders have expanded over time. I find it funny that such factual information is enough to get everyone's panties in a twist.


Piss them off

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Nail glad you meet Hammer. Here's what some Israelis have to say

Nail, glad you can meet Hammer.

Here's what some knowledgeable Israelis have to say... about Israel:

They didn't have to make any "ad".

They only took the time to research, and eventually, they got TO KNOW what it was all about.

Blame the early 20th century British Empire.

Blame the U.N. who believe they're greater than God.

Then, tell Joe Lieberman, and the other TRAITORS, to BUZZ OFF; for we know WHAT you are UP TO, these days, "Joe":

Indeed, the American people CAN know better than JOE'S GANG'S LIE.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

metaphorically speaking, how can anyone trust a person . . .

who has beaten up children . . . to babysit one's own child?

England. Six centuries of oppression and plundering and destruction of life in Ireland--

will make sure that Palestinians aren't destroyed? Will make things fair for anyone? What appears to be concern for Jews has to have been just a mask--

It's good to see things put this way (the youtube about England, the U.N. and Palestine/Zionism)--

I had never seen that before. I had never put that all together. But it's just history.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Least we forget

Plenty of Jews don't like Israel and really want a NWO,, this vid is a NWO propeganda film.

It mixes truth with propeganda..

Why did 174K Jews flood into Palestine? They were not chased there?

The problen of Palestine? It was called Philistine back then.

The % of land has much to do with geographic topography.

Least ewe forget, the world hoped Philistines and Jews would kill each other, and they aram all sies to this day in perpetrual war.

Israel is winning and they hate that.

Israel will win.

are yew drunk?

are yew drunk?

No, she is just a Christian

No, she is just a Christian Zionist.


I had a half a beer about a month ago with pizza and really enjoyed it.

Well maybe "ewer" spellcheck

is drunk then. (or broken?)

spell check does not work for dyslexics

This year, I have wasted $7K on eye operation, $1,400 for a pair of glasses (had to drive hundreds of miles for the operation) and now I have another appointment because I'm well aware, I can't see straight (pun intended).

Actually, I think I'm losing my vision and they're soaking me.

Sorry for the poor spelling!

You're not dyslexic

You're just nuckin' futs! ;P

How sweet

have a great posting day!


I'm only messing with you. We are all a little nuckin futs, and sometime a little gappy ho-lucky. :P

So true!

I see only this attitude since I was enlightened. Sad.

Psst...Just sent you a note.


Of Miko Peled, son of a key Israeli General involved in 1948 and 1967...and grandson of one of the signers of the Declaration at the formation of the state of Israel.

In this interview Peled explains what the situation really was in 1948 and goes on to explain some "behind the scenes" info about what took place that made those maps change the way the ad shows.

PLEASE watch this. It's good information.

On a side note, I would bet the people who object to this ad would defend the ones placed by Pamela Geller's AFDI - remember this one?

Miko Peled is . . .

a very good advocate for peace and justice. It's important that he mentions how powerful the education/brainwashing has been--

the same thing has happened in many ways here in the U.S.

The other one, about the ads that ask for support of Israel by calling Muslims "savages"--

I can see now why the other ad was justified (the one showing the diminishing size of Palestine).

It's outrageous. The one is emotional (pro-Israel); the other rational--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Great Video

The Ring Of Power is also VERY enlightening though long. I watched it twice in spurts. It explains a lot but I have a hard time getting anyone to watch it here. Don't know why except that maybe it's because it is long. Granger claims to have watched it but I have my doubts.


I Know Right?

I'll watch the Ring of Power, since you recommend it. ;-)


I love it. Thanks for posting

Poor Zionists think people

Poor Zionists think people will think they're the aggressors...oh, how sympathetic I feel for you.


The truth hurts.

Truth Hurts only

the unjust. Truth gives relief, comfort & strength to the oppressed.
+1. Let Truth Be Spoken, = Let There Be Light.

I bet Palestinian Jews

aren't too pissed off about it!

I love how it's automatically "antisemitic" simply for showing what the Israelis have been doing since day one, Jewish or not.

"It paints Israelis as the aggressors!"


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What a shame

The man who paid for the ad says he did it to educate people. But he uses maps that are incorrect

What I really don't understand from Americans is why they focus on Israel instead of themselves?

If you sincerely believe indigenous people deserve their homeland, why don't you move back to where YOUR ancestors came from? Why are you pointing your dirty fingers at someone else except to cover your own GUILT for occupying native American lands and Mexico?

Don't you believe in the golden rule?

As for the ad provoking piss.. what good is that? Where is the LOVE?

Now, I would LOVE to see a map of the USA and it's occupation of the native American tribes that were displaced and slaughtered for you.

That was ok huh and why you still live here?

Ron Paul says Israel is our friend.. if you don't agree maybe Ron Paul isn't your guy afterall?

Granger, you should remember

Granger, you should remember that we did make the Mexicans who were already here full citizens when we took over that land. Israel has never made the occupied and colonized Palestinians full citizens of Israel. THAT is the difference. And how dare you call Israel our friend when we know that five of its citizens were arrested on 9/11 for very suspicious activity and for having explosives or traces of explosives in their vans? These men had obvious foreknowledge of the attacks. Just research for yourself and see why.

Don't forget

The U.S.S. Liberty ... and others in other western "allied" countries as well.

We have a trail of tears here to remind me what we did

Mexicans are still fighting to return.

And allow me to go a little further about CA history.. you see CA had been occupied by the Catholic Church for over a century before protestantism was created.

The federal governemnt sent troops to wipe pit the Catholic Churchs claiming they were using Indians as Slaves.. the federal government came to CA to free and protect the Indians.. once they had the Missions.. they marched the Indians to their deaths.. displaced the Mexicans.


I'm not going to blame 5 Israelis for what Hillary Clinton, Torricelli and the Port Authority were responsible for.

No, the Mexicans who were

No, the Mexicans who were here did not flee. There weren't many at all anyway. And we made them ALL full citizens. There was a far greater density of Arabs in what is now Israel. There is no escaping the racism of Zionism.

it seems

like you've forgotten the israeli settlements, roads through out the WB, the tracts of land that surround the roads, the military bases, the wall and surrounding tracks of land, the closed military area (HUGE), and the outposts.. and i'm sure there's more that could be added to this list..

i'm sure it was an honest mistake. but here's a more accurate map from 2006 (it's worse now.)

(Click to Enlarge.)

and i reserve the right to bitch, moan, and/or complain as long as they have their hand in my pockets to murder, torture, kidnap, terrorize an indigenous population.