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Pro-Palestinian Ad pisses off Jews and the ADL.

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UN Morally consistant?

Educate me.. when is the UN morally consistant?

2). If you look at the census on this you can see how the polulation increased after wars. The first I heard of this was rading Gulag Archipelego by Solzhenitsyn he writes about what Stalin did.. putting Jews in jaol for being Jews.. those who wrote to the USA, all their letters were given to Stalin to murdered them..

3). I did not miss your point at all. They lost theri land, just like the Mexicans. the Nationve Americsn, the hawai'ians// A NWO can fix it. Is that what you want?

4) I provided a link to Palestinian Land Laws.. is that what kind of laws you want?

Your link is more NWO propeganda to hate Israel.

Why don't you move to Palestine? If you look at that census.. ever wonder.. why do so many people want to go to Israel and no one wants to go to Palestine but NWO and those deceived by NWO propeganda.

It's difficult for you to debate me because you are under the influence of a NWO, have no good arguments, just crocodile tears and hypocracy to make yourself feel good.

The map you linked looks exactly

like the third one in the picture. Am I missing something?

From what I can find this map:

Looks like the most accurate current one.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty."

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Our maps are very simular

The final map on the video showed Palestine to be sparcely scattered dots (and it is probably true that Palestinians sold those lands but because of Paleticnian Land Laws.. NO PALESTINIAN IS ALLOWED TO SELL (how's that for freedom?)

And yes, they do "sell" KNOWING they can not.

I guess it would have been more accurate

to say that TPTB and the Israeli government seem to be getting bent. MOST people I know don't have any problem with Jewish people...its the zionist Israeli criminals who no one likes. They are even going around the globe forcing governments to make it a crime to question specifics about the holocaust. The truth needs no law to support it.

And while I have to agree that what was done to native Americans was horrible...whats happening in Gaza is now...and now is when I'm alive.

Also, I don't agree with RP on everything...Israel (and religion in general) are 2 areas where I do not see eye to eye with my hero...but he woke me up and he's the best statesman I've ever come across!

What I think

This globalization (global tyranny) has been distributing propeganda for decades. For the NWO to succeed, they need Americans to give up America.. give up freedom. The police state that is coming down on us is part of the globalization.. We are still freer than most in the world.

Israel gets blamed for actions of others who claim to do for Israel. Take the holocast... Why would Israel want to stop the investgations? Wouldn't it be the nation(s) who dumped their Jews onto Israel (because they didn't want to feed them) to hide what they did? Israel didn't commit any holocast, though they are accused of that on Palestine.. but people don't know the whole story.. globalization propeganda stops it.. Globalization HATE the USA and Israel.. and it is for our freedoms (though Bush made that a Bushism) Anyone who wants to tell Israel what to do, like Bush, is not for Israel.

What is happening in Gaza.

You do know that when a Palestinian owns land, it has been in their family since before time began? So, of you are a Palestinian landowner and you need some money.. what better way than when you meet some nieve Jews.. they have come to Israel to escape their homeland (and many LIBERAL Ameican Jews). The Palestinian sells his land to Jews. When the Jews begin to build, the Palestinian claims ILLEGAL SETTLEMENT.

I did not agree with Ron Paul on every issue when I began supporting him in 07. Ron Paul takes a learning curve. I have had to study Israel to understand WHY Israel should be our best friend.. now I understand, and it's not easy to discuss becuase it's so convelouted.

I think because of globalization propeganda many of us bought because we don't want war, we don't like bullies, we are being given propeganda about Israel to make us not like Israel one littel bit.. Israel is free.. globalization HATES that about Israel and the USA..

So goes Israel, so goes the USA.

"Ron Paul says Israel is our

"Ron Paul says Israel is our friend."

Did he say exactly that, or are you paraphrasing? To my knowledge, Ron Paul is a non-interventionist who does not advocate having alliances with anyone but does advocate trading with other nations and getting rid of any restrictions that might hinder that trade. So, is it possible that you might have misinterpreted Ron Paul's "Israel is our friend" to mean "we support the Israeli side of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict" rather than "we ought to trade with Israel"? If not, would you care to reference your sources?

I could care less what Ron

I could care less what Ron Paul says about Israel, for I know that Israel's Mossad was involved with 9/11. I am so tired of people being afraid to say that. The evidence is too strong to stay silent.

No, I'm not paraphasing

Ron Paul is an non-interventionist. What that means is Israel fights her own wars, just like us. To not trade with Israel would be suicidal for the USA because Israel is so advanced in arts and sciences, technology, medicine and, if it comes to WW, I'd rather be on the side of Israel than Palestine.

What Ron Paul really said was:


I didn't say she did

I said she should fight her own wars without the USA and other globalists meddling, and I support her fighting her own wars and winning!

You Said...

What that means is Israel fights her own wars, just like us (copy and pasted directly from your post above).

Please read the material linked in my comment. It makes it pretty clear that Israel does not fight its own wars, and it is terribly unfounded to think they will ever fight without the USA "meddling."




Sorry, (((((Granger))))). Had to vote you down on that one.

My grandparents came in through Ellis Island and there were no Native
Americans anywhere around there. Guilt? Hardly. Rather, those "Americans" who treated them with total disrespect and disgust, despite the fact that my grandparents were hard working and never took a hand out from anyone, much less the government, should be the ones covered with shame and guilt about what THEIR ancestors did.

Israel is the aggressor in this case. There is no way around that fact. I personally knew some devout Jews who were so excited to finally go to visit Israel, only to come home to America in total disgust for what they saw happening to the ACTUAL natives (both Muslim and Jewish) at the hands of a bigoted Zionist government. Both groups were treated worse than second hand citizens by the conquering immigrants from Eastern Europe and the USA. (Their religion was Jewish but, not one single drop of their blood.)

Israel conquered Palestine. Israel is now a country. I accept that fact. What that government has done and continues to do, I do not accept as anything even close to resembling "LOVE". It is certainly not the Israel prophecised in the Bible. Just a poor substitute, devoid of Love.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

What Granger and other Israel

What Granger and other Israel apologists neglect to mention is that we make the conquered peoples in North American equal citizens under the law. Israel has NEVER made the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, or even Israel for that matter, full and equal citizens.

I'm not apoligizing for Israel

I'd rather empower Israel.. she need no apology.

Israel should not make Palestinians full citizens.. Israel has a job to do keeping the Temple Mount for Western Religion.

Seems Atheists and Muslums are together for now on Israel,, that would change very quickly if the Muslims took Temple Mount.. and since the Atheists are more powerful than the Muslims.. NWO would be a shoe in.

Is that what you wnat for 911 Justice? Oh yeah.. Justice isn't part of the 911 Truth plan. The inside job is the propeganda to make people HATE.

Write a game

Maybe you should create a computer game where brave Western Religion fighters can shoot up all those evil Atheists, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus and what else is there!

Because... According to you, it's not a man's actions that show who's wrong and who's right, but it is their religion. Right?

Or is it a combination of religion and race to you? Just asking.

Me create a computer game?

If I could create anything on the computer, it would be a program to help dyslexics.

Since you have a game plan, and my guess, far better educated and trained on the computer, maybe you could create such a game, because of my computer ignorance, I really wouldn't know how to set up such a game. If it could be educational, it would be great. Probably there is one out there.

I'm not really sure how to answer the rest of your question..

It is true that I do not think a man's actions show who is right and wrong. Good intentions don't always prove to bear good work. Sometimes as outsiders, what we think is bad, or wrong, can wind up being good or right. It's why judgement is reserved for that which KNOWS. I do not KNOW. I happen to think most people are good, but I KNOW ALL people are sinners.

I still have my International Krishna Society membership card, and prayer beads (Hindu), which I quit when I was arranged to marry Bhakta Kevin (I didn't know him and was too westernized,, but there were many things I enjoyed about the religion and experience) Also I prefer vedic cooking still.

I still have my Budhist beads and belonged to a tremple in Hawai'i during high school

I have explored the Urantia, different forms of Christinity, and really enjoyed the New Age..

I studied with Susan Weed, wise women (wicca), and just aleways had more than a passing interest in religion.

I had been baptized Catholic, but neither parent was Catholic, my father was an Objectivist (atheist) and I appreciated reading Ayn Rand's philospophy and when a religion didn't work for me, I'd go back into Objectivism.

But really, I came to adore my Catholic Church because it brought the whole thing together for ME, and I love how we can talk about all these religions. God is truth. God is love. There is God, and there is the world.. and this concept is only grasped when God gives one grace. What this means is not everyone is going to be ONE religion.. not everyone needs, wants or appreciates such an experience, and while they may not apprecite, respect those of us who do, I think I'm not so effected having been raised by athesists.

To me, this world is all illusion, all lies, all fake, all false.

As for race.. not only am I mixed race, but my family has extended into many races.. and being raised in the military.. at least in my family.. race was never an issue. Many of my best friends through life have been Black, Philipino, Chinese, Japanese, Native American, Italian, Jewish.. So, is it all about race and religion to me? I don't know. I don't think so.

I think Israel exists because people who hate Jews thought they could dump them there and arm both sides and hope they kill each other. While there are the likes of the Rothchild's (athists born into Judasim) most Jews are poor, and continued to be discriminated against, though some like to try to seperate Jews from Israel a Jewsish state to defend Palestine.. I see BOTH Israel and Palestine as victims.

I think the bias for Palestine is propegrated by the NWO because they know, Palestinians have a corrupt government.. Americans like to think it's just their government. It's not.

Israeli's have many races// maybe you didn't know that?

So, I'm sorry of I did not answer your question to your satisfaction. I'm not really understanding it because you are accusing me and wanting me to defend myself. Ultimately, you may have already made your mind up about what I think, and what's more actually don't give a damn.

I don't know.


Israel is a JEWISH state, as lands are still in dispute.

Am I not a Catholic because I don't have a drop of Roman blood?

Balfore treatey established JEWISH and ARAB states. The League of Nations established Israel as a human waste land to DUMP the unwanted Jewish populations in Germany, Russia, Poland, Argentina, and many more including the USA (who refused ALL letters asking for Amnesty from Jews, and returned the letters to the likes of Stalin, who took those letters and executed the authors. To this day, nations continue to purge their Jews and why so many continue to flood into Israel for hopes of finding PEACE (and like the Jews before them, handed guns and told to fight it out. And they do.

Like our own government, while I do not agree with what any president in my lifetime has done in many areas, I still call myself an American, and I'm glad to be in America. I see Israel the same way, and I agree with Ron Paul.. Israel is my friend, and I think MY government needs to get out of Israel's way, and let Israel do what it needs, and wants to do, to establish PEACE. And YES, I believe it is ISRAEL that will establish PEACE, not the Philistines,

So.. The League of Nations empties the INNOCENT Jews (semetic blood ot not// this is a nonsense argument, unless you really believe that I am not Catholic because I don't have Roman blood) and force them into wars.. (much like the USA did to my Mother's Grandfather.. no sooner did he step off the boat, and they marched him right back onto another ship, and FORCED him to fight in the Civil War, because back then, LIBERTY was something one had to fight for and earn).

The Jews fight and win. But people who HATE Jews have always hated that the Philistines didn't wipe them of the face of the Earth. How would you like that (((((Nonna)))))? How would you like being born and raised in a prison before WWII only because you claim to be Jewish (they didn't care if you had Semetic Blood.. why is this an issue for you)? And then.. You who have been born and raised in prison are shipped off to a land given to you by a world that HATES you, given broken arms, and told FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE!

So you fight, and you win. And still the world HATES you... No matter what you do, you are accused of being THE AGRESSOR. So, you meet someone, have children, make the best of your lot... after all, you have freedom.. and yes, that freedom is so important VERY IMPORTANT.. you LOVE it.. you love dancing, reading books for entertainment.. you love the arts and science, and with others like yourself, you build a state that parallels the freedom only known in the USA (as a military brat I'm well aware that most countries are not as free, even with this police state,, which is happening because as the UN tries to make us ALL equals.. many people live in countries, especially Muslim Countries where as a woman.. you have no rights. Your life is arranged, and while it's true that there are people who find freedom in bondage (I don't have to decide what to wear today, it's a Burka everyday.. don't even have to pick a color.. that's freedom).

So here you, and your JEWISH state, Orthodox, Ashkenazi, Farci, Sophardic.. have taken what was forced onto you, and made the desert bloom.. and YES, Israel built a state that rivals NYC.. it is cosmopolotian, speaks English, you as a woman can wear what you want, smoke, drink in public, get a tattoo of a flamingo on your head.. smoke pot, no curfew.. marry who you want or not, have medical help.. you have all this, and still, the WORLD (Thank you Jesus for showing me THE WORLD for what it is).. it HATES you (And more than half HATE Jesus too).. and that is the side you choose, and in the name of LOVE?

Israel is FREEDOM and if you don't get that, you don't get Israel. Freedom isn't free. Everyday Israel fights for freedom, and I'm with Israel.

So goes Israel, so goes the USA.

Miko Peled - Israeli Historian

I highly recommend hearing from this man re: the (his words) myth of democracy in Israel. The whole video is a really fair and accurate summary from someone who has very deep roots in the formation and growth of Israel.

Miko Peled - Israeli for a NWO

What rights do American have for refusing Native Americans from retutrning to their lands?

This guy is a doubkle talker riding on his grandfather's coat tails.

Don't forget, LIKE AMERICANs whpo hate America, there are Israeli's who hate Israel and they, especially those who have sucedded in gloabl business.. they want a NWO.. Miko is one of them.

On the Contrary

Sir, you could really benefit from an objective review of the historical facts surrounding the creation of the state of "Israel" as the 20th century dawned and advanced. The Balfour Declaration was a letter sent to -- hold on for a second -- to Baron Rothschild. Yes, that's right. Our favorite neighborhood New World Order financier was behind the acquisition of Palestinan Arab lands... and do not allow yourself for a moment to consider that jews were ending up in Palestine (and it was called Palestine at that time) b/c they were getting "kicked out" of everywhere else. Thousands were sent as part of a PLAN to do just what they ultimately did -- populate, institutionalize, weapon-up and then crush and steal from the people who were already there. You are profoundly mistaken about Israel, for indeed Israel (not Mr. Peled) stand for the NWO and its heinous vision and methods.


So Rothchild's give the world Israel.. but it's not working out as they thought, the poor imprisoned Jews did not get wiped off the face of the Earth with the broken arms given to them, while others supplied the Arabs with arms (hoping they would wipe each other off the map), the Jews fought and won.. and they built and the created a place that paralells any great city on Earth.. they succeeed despite all the probelms.. and there are problems.. no right of return for the Russian, German, Poles.. none of those Jews get to go back to where they came (just as Native Americasn are not allowed to return to their lands or even build on the land they have they way they want). And Israel gets stronger, and this is worrisome, because as Israel advances and challenges the likes of Rothchild.. there is a new idea for the bankers.. A NWO. Who needs Israel when they can own the world?

So Rothchild throws Israel under the bus.. finds and funds globalists, many who are Jewish descent and are not religious (like Ayn Rand, born Jewish, no interest in Israel, but very interested in production), and they begin, with friends from all over the world, races, religions, nationalities come together for a NWO. They have a problem.. Israel like the freedom they fought for, just like Americans.. so how do they get these freedom lovers to their side? Make them HATE America and Israel.

We are inundated with Pro-Palestine. I've even heard, :"We are all Palestinians".

If there was a WW, who would you want on your side? Israel or Palestine?

Israel is NOT NWO.. Israel is for Israel, as America should be for America, not Israel (when I support I mean in trade and not meddling).

I believe America should stop meddling with Israel and let Israel do what it needs to do to keep their freedom.

As goes Israel, so goes the USA, because both value freedom over global tyranny (and yes, the UN calls is both tyrants and until we are all Palestinians, a people who are not free by their own government, Rothchild won't be happy).

(((((Granger)))))... what gsneil just wrote is spot on, except

for the "Sir" at the beginning.

P.S. to gsneil: The Granger is a woman.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox


If I was for a NWO I would agree. But I am NOT for a NWO. I am for freedom and I stand with Israel's fight for freedom.

You still don't "get it", (((((Granger))))).

Israel's fight is NOT for anybody's freedom. It's FOR the NWO. To call it the prized jewel in the crown of the Rothchilds' power, would not be too far off the mark.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Right Nonna...

If Granger actually had (and was willing to accept) the facts, she would not suggest that “others” supplied Palestinians with arms. They did not have the weapons that Israeli militias had and that is the only reason Israel would have dared try… for if the Palestinians had been armed, they would have made quick work of the terrorist Zionists, because their population greatly outnumbered the jews. Even today, the most threatening “arms” the Palestinians can muster are rockets that make a hole about the size of a soccer ball. Has she reviewed the statistics demonstrating the unequal force of Israel vs. Palestinians? Probably not. That Israel regularly uses “unequal force” is a laughable understatement. Israel has “built up” for sure … built up on top of the stolen homes and land of Palestinians, bulldozed bodies of American peace activists, mangled bodies of innocent children… all with the generous support of U.S. taxpayers and the incoherent politico-religious fanaticism born of abysmal ignorance and pushed by the Zionist Israel lobby that keeps a constant squeeze on the balls of our so-called congressional representatives who couldn’t find their ways out of wet paper sacks and think they do God a favor all the while. And what the hell...saying that they have no right of return? Any jew, at any time today, has as good a chance to go back to Russia or Germany or Poland as you or I have of going back to (fill in the blank for you), or Sweden or Scotland for me. On the other hand, the ones who have no right of return are the Palestinians that the Israeli’s kicked in the ass and continue to kick in the ass. Hey, did you hear the wonderful, civilized jewish state is now poisoning the water of their Palestinian punching bags? Very elegant – very civilized. But no worries, it’ll just mean they are too sick to care when the IDF return again and again to strafe the palestinians like fish in a barrel. A hate to burst Granger's bubble, but Rothschild and Israel are connected at the hip. STILL!!! I suggest a look into the recently donned “heir” to the banking legacy Alexandre de Rothschild, a practicing jew who’s French side of the family has done anything BUT throw Israel under the bus. If we end up in another WW, it will be because of the psychopathic NWO agenda for which Israel is the Middle Eastern trojan horse sock puppet (yes, it’s a double and mixed metaphor). So asking me if I'd want Israel on my "side" is unutterably crazy. I'm afraid it will take something much more shocking than plain facts and history for many Americans to finally grasp the truth. I guess I'm a little surprised that there are Ron Paul supporters in this kind of fog. But maybe I shouldn't be.

Got to have a bubble to break one

Could you elaborate this, "psychopathic NWO agenda for which Israel is the Middle Eastern trojan horse sock puppet (yes, it’s a double and mixed metaphor). "

I don't agree at all (((((Nonna))))))

The NWO hates religion, if it can make us all Palestinians what a wonderful world the NWO would be, eh?

Think Palestinians have a chance against the NWO?

Plenty of Jews (and that includes Israelis) want a NWO as an end to the wars.

Think I could go to Palestine for a margarita?

Who is the NWO, if not

the Zionist banksters? If you want a margarita, why would you go to a country that doesn't allow alcoholic beverages? To wake them up to a western mentality? Imposing our will on others will never give us peace. All that does is create more tensions and "blowback". As it is now, thanks to Zionism, all countries (and the Vatican) are jockeying for position. THAT is what is causing all the turmoil and confusion. It all has to stop and we all have to live and let live, something the Zionists (Christian and Jewish) will not allow, as it would defeat their long, drawn out, and very careful, plan.

(((((Granger)))))), you are one of the most loving DPers I know. I wish everyone could know how big your heart is! But, love can be blind. (Just ask Brenda Lee.) Don't let your love blindside you, dear friend. Capeesh?

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Does the NWO want religion?

Part of the flaw in the collective thinking here is that ALL JEWS are FOR Israel.

Why would a banker want Israel when they can have the world?

If I want a margarita, or to wear whatever I please.. why go to a country that doesn;'t allow that? Right! No more Israel for Christains and Catholics and Jews.

NWO would LOVE a world of Palestinians.

Why are people here standing for area where the people are not free?

Have you ever heard Bishop Richard Williamson speak about Israel and the NWO? He was excumunicated for denying the holocast, but brought back into the Church.. still holds very strong ideas about what is the NWO and I agree with him on many points he makes.